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10 Best Offline Zombie Games For Android

Zombie is one of the favorite genres for mobile game lovers. A zombie is a fictional undead, corporeal revenant created through the reanimation of a corpse. And from uncounted zombie games, you might be wondering which one to play. So wowkia summarized it for you! complete with playstore information

Here is the list for the best offline games for android!

1. Zombie Frontier 3

First-place of the best offline zombie games for android is Zombie Frontier 3. This game is a first-person-perspective with impressive graphic detail. Most importantly, it has excellent gameplay too! The storyline is about a dangerous vaccine that turns almost every human to a zombie. So as a human, your mission is to survive.

The most exciting part is it has more than 100 different missions to complete, your character is also going to gather equipment from every task. And there is much animation with smooth graphics too.

Game NameZombie Frontier 3
UpdatedMay 7th, 2016
Download Size93 MB
Offered ByFT Games
Rating in Playstore4.0
Zombie Frontier 3 Information

2. Dead Warfare: Zombie

The second-place of the best offline zombie games for android is Dead Warfare: Zombie. Set in 1972, the earth that known as a human’s planet now full by zombies. The rest of humans have to hide under the ground or even inside of broken buildings.

Here, Your mission is leading a small group of people that still alive to survive. The character has a different class and equipment, also different skills. Would you like to give it a try?

Game NameDead Warfare: Zombie
UpdatedJune 1st, 2020
Download Size110 MB
Rating in Playstore4.2
Dead Warfare: Zombie Information

3. Zombie Anarchy

The third-placed of the best offline zombie games for android is Zombie Anarchy. Zombies are already frustrating, right? In this game, the hardest part is another survivor will attack you too. So to survive from 2 different enemies, you have to build your camp.

How to build a camp? Exactly, you have to gather items from other survivor’s camps or to kill zombies. Before the attack, you have to choose a point. After that, you can control your character freely. Each character has different skills that can be activated.

Game NameZombie Arachy
UpdatedJanuary 16th, 2019
Download Size50 MB
Offered ByGameloft SE
Rating in Playstore4.1
Zombie Arachy Information

4. Dead Trigger 2

The fourth-placed of the best offline zombie game for android is Dead Trigger 2. It’s a game you could play for months. Unlock ten regions and plan a strategy for 33 different battlefields. Your mission is to save the world against zombies. Over 600 gameplay war scenarios and intensive storytelling campaigns. More than 70 types of gun weapons.

Game NameDead Trigger 2
Updated October 23th, 2013
Download Size526 MB
Offered ByMADFINGER Games
Rating in Playstore4.5
Dead Trigger 2 Information

5. Zombie Dead vs Human

Zombie Dead Vs Human
Zombie Dead Vs Human

The fifth-placed of the best offline zombie games for android is Zombie Dead vs. Human. This is a first-person-perspective game. Your mission is to defend humanity and survive from all of the zombies. To fight them, you can use a lot of different weapons. Like a sniper, machine gun, or anything else. Even in a small size, this game has an impressive graphic.

Game NameZombie Dead vs Human
UpdatedOctober 18th, 2018
Download Size53 MB
Offered ByGreengame
Rating in Playstore4.3
Zombie Dead vs Human Information

6. Dead Rain 2

The sixth-place of the best offline zombies for android is Dead Rain 2. This game serves numerous stages, and it also has various skills. You have to exploit the weakness of zombies for the fun of manipulation. You also combat with multiple bosses or unlock hidden elements for each stage.

Dead Rain 2Game NameZombie Gunfire
Launch DateApril 24th, 2019
Download Size85.61 MB
Offered ByTiny Devbox
Rating in Playstore4.0
Zombie Gunfire Information

7. Guns, Cars and Zombies

The seventh-placed for the best offline zombie games for android is Guns, Cars, and Zombies. You have to shoot zombies and survive until the end. You have to kill every zombie by controlling your car. Not just that, you also have to avoid every obstacle on the road. One of the modes is a story mode, and there are four chapters that you have to complete.

You also can customize your car with your style. There are more than one thousand missions here. This game won’t make you bored!

Game NameGuns Cars And Zombies
Launch DateOctober 24th, 2018
Download Size35 MB
Offered byDenali Games LLC
Rating in Playstore4.1
Guns Cars And Zombies

8. Sniper Zombie: Offline Game

Sniper Zombie Offline Game
Sniper Zombie: Offline Game

The eighth-place of the best offline zombie games for android is Sniper Zombies. You have a lot of mission which train your accuracy. For offline android games, this game serves an impressive graphic detail only in 134 MB size. What else? This game offers you slow-motion graphics and cutscene for every last shot you had.

Game NameSniper Zombie: Offline Game
UpdatedJune 3rd, 2020
Download Size134 MB
Offered ByVNG Game Studio
Rating in Playstore4,6
Sniper Zombie: Offline Game Information

9. Last Hope Sniper – Zombie War

The next of Best Offline Zombie Games For Android is Last Hope Sniper – Zombie War. This is a first-person-perspective game that offered you 150 exciting missions. You also can upgrade your weapon to make it more durable and kill zombie easier. They also give a great look at variation skills from each character.

Game NameZombie Frontier 3
UpdatedApril 22th, 2020
Download Size103 MB
Offered ByJE Software AB
Rating in Playstore4.4
Last Hope Sniper – Zombie War Information

10. Dead Effect 1 and 2

Dead Effect
Dead Effect

The last of the best offline game for android is Dead Effect. This game has an excellent graphic and exciting gameplay. You have to kill zombies and other science creations, even in a considerable size, you won’t regret it! Because it’s so exciting to play, especially for all of the zombie game lovers. You also can upgrade your character and weapons.

Also, there is the second series of the game named Dead effect 2. It’s an excellent game, just like the first series. You could try them and rate one which is the best!

Game NameDead Effect
UpdatedMay 24th, 2018
Download Size18 MB
Offered ByApp Holdings
Rating in Playstore4.5
Dead Effect Information

What do you think about the best offline zombie games for the android list?

That’s it! Wowkia has summarized it for you! So, which one will you choose? Let us know on the comment below. You may want to know: 10 Best Offline Games for Android or 10 Best Offline Horror Games for Android

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