As the developer, Techland Publishing, said, Dying Light will be free on PC for a limited time. They did this themselves because many people were willing to anticipate and patiently wait for the release of the next series, Dying Light 2.

Also, this game will later be free to play via the Steam platform starting today until March 1. So, for those who want a free game, immediately claim this Dying Light game before the free time is up.

Not only that, but the developer of this game also said that you have to play this game because soon, Dying Light 2 will be released. By playing this game, later, you will know that Dying Light 2 is worth buying or not.

So, apart from thanking the gamers who are waiting for the release of the latest series of this game, it turns out that Techland Publishing also has other reasons why they make this game free on PC.

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Even though Dying Light Free on PC, Dying Light 2 Still Has No News

Even though Dying Light Free on PC, Dying Light 2 Still Has No News
Dying Light 2 | PLAY4UK

Although Dying Light is free, unfortunately, the news for Dying Light 2 itself is still not yet available, even though this game’s development has been experiencing problems for some time now. Because of this, many users are worried whether Dying Light 2 will be released soon or if it will still take a while.

As additional information, the Dying Light game is not very well known. However, even so, these game developers have continued to add various content over the years. If you are a gamer who likes to play games with the Zombie genre, like Dead Island 2, Dying Light is a game that you must play. What’s more, this game is also free, so there’s nothing to lose here if you don’t like it.