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Valheim Eikthyr Guides: How to Summon, Defeat, and Sacrifice

As we know, Valheim is the hyped survival game this year. With over 4 million copies of the game, so many players are looking for Valheim Guides. This time, we will talk about the first boss in the game. Here is Valheim Eikthyr Guides: how to summon, defeat, and sacrifice it.

What is Valheim Eikthyr?

It is one of the bosses in Valheim. Eikthyr is the ancestor of deers. He is a large stag, wrapped with chains and with electrified antlers.

How to Summon Eikthyr in Valheim

Time needed: 5 minutes.

If you want to summon Eikthyr, you need to find the Summoning Altar. Interact with the Sacrificial stones – the first place that you spawning. After it, the maps will appear and the Summoning Altar mark on it. Now, you can follow our instruction below:

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  1. Hunt Deer

    You must be confused when you first play. There is a mystical altar, see around and you will find the shining stone. If you press [E], you will get a little clue. [HUNT HIS KIN]. So, you need to hunt deer and it will drop Dear Trophy.
    eikthyr valheim guide 2

  2. Prepare the Material

    If you have been killing the deer and got the items, you need to put them in your Hotbar inventory. It is necessary for offering on Mystical altar.
    eikthyr valheim guide 3

  3. Offer Deer Trophy

    Then, offer the deer trophy on the altar by pressing your Hotbar inventory. In our case, we put it in [3] key. Just wait for a second, Eikthyr will be summoned behind the shining stone.
    eikthyr valheim guide 4

How to Defeat Eikthyr in Valheim

eikthyr valheim guide 6
Prepare Weapon | Wowkia

Make sure you prepare Gears to fight this boss. No need the complicated items, you can defeat Eikthyr with the early game weapon. As our experience, you need a flint spear and a shield. Also, you need the food to bring back your losing health and stamina.

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You have to learn some Eikthyr attack patterns so it’s easy to defend and offend. Here’s the explanation:

  • Eikthyr will perform a lightning attack when the body is lifted for about 1 second. You can avoid the front of the monster to avoid lightning attacks that strike straight. If so, you can use the arrows to attack him from the side. You can also use this opportunity to do the healing.
  • The next attack is a ball of lightning that can strike you from several sides. This attack has the same characteristics as the first one, except that Eikthyr will lift the front of his body for approximately 3 seconds. Move away from the enemy to avoid the lightning ball.
  • This one’s a pretty risky attack. Because the monster will chase using its horns to attack you. This is when you can use your Shield in the face of these attacks. Stay where you are and lift your shields until they finally hit. If so, the Stunt will appear on the enemy and carry out an attack using a spear.
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This is indeed quite difficult for those of you who just play Valheim. We might be dead more than 5 times the first time we fought this boss deer. Moreover, the boss has more tough in the latest patch, be patient and learn about the pattern

Valheim Eikthyr Guide: Sacrifical Moment

eikthyr valheim guide 5
Eikthyr Sacrificial | Wowkia

After you beat the boss, you will get drop such as Eikthyr trophy, hard antler, and Eikthyr power. Go back to the sacrificial stone location and find the smaller stone with a carving of deer in stone. You can interact with the hook and put the Eikthyr trophy on it. You can look at the image we mentioned above.

Then, you will get the Eikthyr’s Forsaken Power. Its power can be activated by pressing the [F] key. While the power is activated, the player will have 60% less stamina drain when running and jumping for 5 minutes. This ability has a 20 minute cooldown period.

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Well, that’s the article about Valheim Eikthyr Guide. You can comment and give suggestions for us below. Follow Wowkia for more Valheim Guides.

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