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Ninja is Supporting Fellow Ex-Mixer Streamers

Recently, Microsoft announced that the company is closing down its streaming service Mixer, leaving many entertainers who were using the platform feeling lost and confused. Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and his wife Jessica decided to help out other blindsided Mixer streamers in some thoughtful little ways.

While Microsoft is partnering with Facebook Gaming as the new streaming platform of the company after Mixer shuts down, many streamers who depended on the service are still unsure of what they’re going to do moving forward. Some streamers have been moving back to Twitch, but the time of the announcement left many in a sudden difficult place.

An Uplifting Positivity From Ninja

When Microsoft released the news, Ninja and his wife Jessica decided to help out other Mixer streamers who were in the same uncertain position.

While Ninja had been the unofficial poster boy for Mixer’s platform due to his huge popularity from playing games like Fortnite, he still would have to leave the streaming service with everyone else. While they couldn’t move mountains, Ninja and Jessica could help other Mixer streamers feel better during these trying times.

Ninja and Jessica showed their support by dropping into a few Mixer streams and giving donations. One of the streamers that Jessica visited was S0apys, who was then gifted $200. The Swedish streamer burst into tears due to the positive action during such an uncertain time and profusely thanked Jessica for her kindness. With many Mixer streamers are going through a difficult time of transition and moving away from the platforms they have been building up, it’s nice to see the community supporting each other in ways like this.


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