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Grand Theft Auto V: What’s new in 2019?

A Twitch Streamer, FriendlyBaron, shared a transformation of Grand Theft Auto V speedrunner between 2014 and 2019 on his YouTube Channel. This information makes us wonder what differs from the original to the modified game. That’s why, in Today’s article, we will point out some changes happening in this action-adventure video game.

Grand Theft Auto V Start Mission

In Grand Theft Auto 2014, to start an earlier mission, players can do it by crashing the car into another object such as a fence. However, this method is no longer effective in GTA V 2019. This change perhaps is the first difference you notice in GTA V 2019. So, if you want to save time and faster in carrying out missions, you should try a different way like crashing the edges of the rail and park as fast as possible.

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GTA V Car Speed

Another great change in Grand Theft Auto 2019 is you do not have to transfer to a faster car just to cut time. For players who have played original GTA (2014), you might think ‘the faster car you have, the more time you save’. Well, you better ditch that thought because it would not get you anywhere while playing the 2019 version. The trick is you should work on your driving techniques and find a short route. Then, you are safe to drive any truck or car you have at the same speed.  

It is so common in Game Industry to adjust the already launched games year by year. Those changes are done to give a better experience for the players during playing mode. As for Grand Theft Auto V 2019, the changes give significant improvements because the time needed to complete the game has been reduced from more than seven hours to six hours and minutes.

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Which one do you prefer? 2014 or 2019 version? Let’s know in the section below.

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