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How to Make an Oak Door in Minecraft

In Minecraft, you can build a house and of course, you need the door. An Oak Door is one of the mechanisms items that you can make in Minecraft. The crafting process will craft 3 sets of oak doors at the time. So, Wowkia will give you how to make the Oak Door in Minecraft.

Let’s check how to make it and the ingredients needed.

Require Materials

If you want to make an Oak Door, you should have the following items:

  • Oak Wood Planks (6)

How to Craft an Oak Door in Minecraft

Open the Crafting Table

Like making other items open the Crafting Table firstly. Then, you’ll see the 3×3 grid appear.
Crafting Menu Minecraft

Add the Ingredients

If you want to make it, you need 6 Oak Wood Planks. You have to put the ingredients in the exact pattern of the recipes. So, you can see the image below for more.

Put 2 Oak Wood Planks in the first row of the crafting table. Then, put 2 Oak Wood Planks again in the second row. Last, put 2 Oak Wood Planks in the third row. In this case, you can put 2 Oak side by side. Don’t give space between the items.
How To Make An Oak Door 2


After place the ingredients, the Oak Door will appear in the right box of the crafting table. You can save it in your inventory.
Oak Door Finish

So, that’s how to make an Oak Door in Minecraft and what the ingredients needed. If you need other Minecraft tutorials, you can request it by writing in the comment section.

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