How to Build an Iron Golem in Minecraft

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How To Make Iron Golem Minecraft
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Playing Minecraft is meaning stay alive. You can survive in many ways. You can craft the weapons to attack mobs or build an Iron Golem. Iron Golem is large, strong utility mobs that defend players or villagers. This time, Wowkia will give you a tutorial on how to build an Iron Golem in Minecraft.

So, let’s check the ingredients needed and how to build it.

Require Materials

If you want to make an Iron Golem, you should have all the ingredients needed:

How to Make an Iron Golem in Minecraft

If you had all the ingredients needed, you can follow the tutorial step-by-step. Different from other items, you no need to use the crafting table to make the large mob. This is how to build an Iron Golem in Minecraft.

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Total Time: 5 minutes

Build the Body

The first one, you have to build the body of Iron Golem. Start to place 2 Blocks of Iron lined up on the ground to make the body.
Block Iron Body

Build the Arm

Then you can build the arm by placing 2 Blocks of Iron on either side of the top block.
Block Iron Arm

Add the Head

The last, you can put a Carved Pumpkin or Jack O’ Lantern for Golem’s head. You can stand on the block or flying up in Creative Mode. Then, the iron golem will spawn and begin to move around.
How To Make Iron Golem

So, that’s how to build an Iron Golem in Minecraft. Now you won’t need to worry if there are villain mobs. If you want any other Minecraft tips, you can comment below. Stay tuned on Wowkia and don’t forget to share the page.

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