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Should You Choose Light or Dark in Biomutant?

In the Biomutant game, there’s is a morality system that allows players to choose which world they want to enter. In this morality, there are two colors, Light and Dark, which you can only choose one.

According to its color, Light is an aura used by those who like to do good things, such as helping NPCs and such. As for Dark, usually, this aura will have the wrong path and commit crimes.

Choosing Light or Dark Biomutant?

Choose Light Or Dark Biomutant
Choose Light or Dark Biomutant? | Twininfinite

Keep in mind that choosing a different aura means having different gameplay in certain ways. For example, Light plays gameplay that likes to help NPCs and does a good mission. On the other hand, Dark plays gameplay where they become people who enter the wrong path (criminals).

But you don’t need to worry about choosing which aura you want. Because these two auras have the same main story point. You could also say that choosing an aura at random will not mess with the story in the Biomutant game.

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Apart from that, the important point of choosing an aura within the game itself is Psi Points. With this, several abilities can only be unlocked with light or dark Psi Points. So, each aura has its own advantages. However, this Psi Point tends to be stronger in a dark aura position.

So, if you want to choose a strong, cruel, and bad personality, you should choose Dark. Meanwhile, for those of you who prefer to help each other, you should choose Light. However, unfortunately here, the dark aura is often disliked by the NPCs in the Biomutant game.

Also, if you want to try to be the bad guy in RPG games, Dark is the most appropriate aura. What’s more, the feature of being the bad guy yourself in the game is very rare. Therefore, trying it is the right choice.

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