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How to Make Copper in Valheim

Valheim has a lot of materials that can be found and made. The game presents various options for Crafting. You can do Crafting to make ends meet through the game. Not only will you need food, but you also have to protect your character from enemy attacks in the area. To make stronger items, you need to unlock metal materials. Right now, we will learn how to make Copper in Valheim.

What is Valheim Copper?

Copper is an item that you can find in Valheim. It is the metal material that is used to craft other materials, like tools and buildings.

With the item, you can craft:


The Tin will be unlocked when you build a Smelter and reach the Black Forest biome. To make it, of course, you need to mine the copper ore first.

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How to Make Copper in Valheim

Time needed: 5 minutes.

To make copper in this game, you can follow the steps below:

  1. The Material

    First, you need to prepare the material. Copper ore is the raw metal that can be turned into Copper. After mining them, you can put them in your inventory. So, the smelter will detect the items.
    How To Make Copper In Valheim 3

  2. Add Coal

    Then, put coal in the smelter as the fuel. Go to the right side of the smelter, then press the [E] key. You can put up to 20 coals at a time. Each coal will last for 15 seconds.
    How To Make Copper In Valheim 2

  3. Add Copper Ore

    Next, go to the left side of the smelter and add copper ore by pressing the [E] key. You can add up to 10 items and make sure the item was on your inventory.
    How To Make Copper In Valheim 4

  4. Making Copper

    Now, you have to wait for the processing. If the smelter is working, you will see it burn up. To produce Copper, you need 31 seconds. If you add 10 ore, you can leave it and do other activities.
    How To Make Copper In Valheim 5

  5. Finish

    Finally, the copper will come out from the smelter. Take it by press the [E] key or walk through it.
    How To Make Copper In Valheim 6

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Well, that’s how to make Copper in Valheim. Of course, we will give other Valheim Guides next time. So, don’t forget to follow and revisit Wowkia.

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