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Howdy Hacker! Sony Has Gives $170,000 for Bug Bounty

In this gaming area, a lot of gamers frustrated at facing hackers. In that case, a lot of companies open a program like Bug Bounty. Therefore to find people who can report any slit from a product and report it directly.

Based on Blog Playstation, Sony excited to announce its program for the broader community. The reason is the security of their products is a fundamental part of creating amazing experiences for their community. 

In their blog post, Sony is quite specific about what bugs they are looking for. They want to find out who can attack the PlayStation 4 system, the operating system. Also, it’s accessories, as well as the PlayStation Network and related websites.

Sony Formed Collaboration with HackerOne

Hackerone X Playstation 4
Hackerone x Playstation 4 | HackerOne/Sony PlayStation

Sony has partnered with HackerOne to help run this program and inviting the security research community. Even gamers, and anyone else to test the security of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Network. Their bug bounty program has rewards for various issues, including critical issues on PS4.

For anyone who has managed to find a gap in the PlayStation Network, Sony will provide a price of $ 100-3,000 or more. The price depends on how severe the bugs are found. Even more, Sony also will provide a benefit to anyone who managed to break into their PlayStation 4 system.

Playstation Bug Bounty
Playstation Bug Bounty In HackerOne

To date, Sony running their bug bounty program privately with some researchers. They recognize the valuable role that the research community plays in enhancing security.

So, what are you guys think about this bug bounty? Let us know on the comment section!

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