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How to Make Lectern in Minecraft

As you know, we can create various items in Minecraft easily. One of the items itself is a Lectern which is useful for holding books in Minecraft. Maybe some of you don’t know this item because this is rarely used.

However, this tool is actually quite useful for those who play Minecraft online, such as playing with your friends or on random people’s servers. You see, by using Lectern, you can read the books in the tool together with other players.

Minecraft Multiplayer
Minecraft Multiplayer | Fru

So, you could say with Lectern, you don’t need to take turns reading books in multiplayer mode. In addition, you can usually find Lectern in villages and use them. However, if you want to make your own Lectern, here’s an easy way to make one.

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Make Lectern in Minecraft

To make Lectern in this game made by Mojang, you only need two items that are very easy to find, namely Any Wood Slab and Bookshelf. After having these two items, we are now able to make Lectern using the crafting tool. If you don’t have a crafting tool, make one first, then enter the menu.

Make Lectern In Minecraft
Make Lectern in Minecraft | Wowkia

If you do, you can make Lectern in Minecraft by adding a recipe according to the photo above. As Wowkia previously said, you can use any Wood Slab to make Lectern. So, you don’t need to follow the Wood Slab, which is exactly the same as the photo above. After finishing adding the recipe above, now you can make Lectern, and you’re done.

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