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Everything You Need to Know About Axolotl in Minecraft

Axolotl is a Mob in Minecraft, and it’s being talked about a lot right now. This can happen because Axolotl is a very cute Mob and has various unique colors, such as Pink, Purple, Gold, and the like.

Although cute, there are some Axolotl facts that make it a scary Mob for some reason. If you are curious about what makes Axolotl scary, you should read Wowkia’s explanation below carefully.

Everything About Axolotl in Minecraft

Everything About Axolotl In Minecraft
Everything About Axolotl in Minecraft | PC Gamer

The axolotl is a Mob that will attack all Aquatic Mobs, such as Turtles, Dolphins, and other Axolotls. In fact, these animals will also attack Drowned when they meet, because according to Axolotl, it is needed.

In addition, the nature of the Axolotl also makes them a cute Mob, but also scary. You see, Axolotl will “play dead” when it takes damage underwater. While playing the game, they will regenerate 4 points of blood.

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What’s more, the Axolotl can also survive on land when there is Rain or a Thunderstorm. However, they are on land, and there is no water source; the Axolotl will look for the nearest water source; otherwise, they will die in 5 minutes.

How to Tame Axolotl in Minecraft

To tame Axolotl, you only need one item that is very often found in Minecraft, namely the Water Bucket. After having this tool, now you can tame the Axolotl by right-clicking with the Water Bucket on the Axolotl.

Even though you already have the tools to tame Axolotls, there must be some of you who don’t know where the Axolotls are. So, that’s why here I will tell you where this Mob is in both versions of Minecraft, namely Java Edition and Bedrock Edition.

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Where to Find Axolotl in Minecraft

In Bedrock Edition, you can find the Axolotl deep under the water precisely in; Sea Level (Y=63). Usually, the Axolotls will appear in water that has enough light, or it is too light or dark enough.

While in the Java Edition, you can find an underwater Axolotl with a depth of Level (Y63). However, unlike the Bedrock Edition, in this Java Edition, you can only find Axolotl in a place that has total darkness.

Axolotl On Nether
Axolotl on Nether | Reddit

In addition to deep in the water, you can also find Axolotls in Minecraft by exploring deep enough caves and looking for water around. Usually, the Axolotl will be there as long as there is water at a certain depth of the block. What’s more, due to bugs, you can also find Axolotls in the Nether.

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How to Breed Axolotl in Minecraft

You can breed adult Axolotls by giving them Buckets of Tropical Fish. However, each time it gives birth, the adult Axolotl cannot be bred again, for 5 minutes in Minecraft Java Edition or 1 minute in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Breed Axolotls
Breed Axolotls | EthDo

During breeding, you have a 1⁄1200 chance to get a unique Axolotl child (for some reason, people usually get it easily. If you don’t get it, later you will be given a random color, such as Brown and other regular colors.

All Axolotls Color in Minecraft

All Axolotls Color
All Axolotls Color | Wowkia

For the last one, we will discuss what colors Axolotl has in this game made by Mojang. As you can see in the photo above, Axolotl has five colors: Leucistic, Wild, Gold, Cyan, and Blue. From the info I got, Minecraft players say that Blue Axolotl is the rarest color in Minecraft.

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That’s everything about Axolotl in Minecraft that you need to know. If there are errors in this article, please correct them. In addition, if you want to know more about Mobs or other things in Minecraft, you should say it in the comments column.

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