Based on this Director and Writer’s Statement, Will Ethan Hawke Return to the MCU?

Recently, hints about Ethan Hawke return to the MCU just came from Marvel Studios. While the series just finished and introduced Marc Spector to the MCU, the show also brought new fresh elements, including Oscar Isaac, about dissociative identity disorder, and at least two other alternative identities that Marc Spector shares with the body.

The two alters are the kindhearted Steven Grant and the cold-blooded Jake Lockley. These three identities serve as avatars of Khonshu, an ancient Egyptian god with attitude problems. And there, Arthur Harrow just got his end in the post-credits, but the question is he still alive?

Will Ethan Hawke Return to the MCU?

In the last episode, for the post-credits, we get a first clear look at the third personality, Jake Lockley. At that point, we can see that he shot Arthur Harrow using a pistol with a silencer.

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Okay, first of all, we can find hints about it when the main writer of the series steps in to offer a different perspective.

Ethan Hawke Return To The Mcu 1

When asked in an interview with The Playlist if Arthur Harrow is really dead, Moon Knight’s chief writer Jeremy Slater stated that “in his mind,” the villain Hawke is no longer around. This is the contradictory point of view of Diab’s cryptic comments suggesting that Harrow is alive.

The Writter Statement:

“That’s the way I wrote it on the page. Again, because you don’t actually see a body, no one’s ever dead until you see the body. We had that teaser pretty early on in our story. I didn’t want to introduce Jake until the very end because I knew that it was going to be hard enough to make the audience care about the relationship between Marc and Steven if it was just the two of them. And I knew that if you put three personalities in there, it would just become a mess and that it would be too hard for the audience to track.”

“So the goal from the very beginning was we’re going to save Jake for the teaser. He’s going to be the one who kills Harrow. But the fact that we don’t see a body, and I think the fact that everyone loved Ethan Hawke so much and had so much fun working with him on this project, I think they’re just kind of keeping a few cards in their deck just in case the circumstances are ever right. It could have been a flesh wound. It could have been a warning shot. I don’t know. In my mind, he’s dead. But again, the person who gets to answer that is whoever kind of tells the next Moon Knight story.”

“Oh, I think all of that stuff was intentional because I think you want the audience, especially in those early episodes, to be asking the same questions that the main character is, which is, ‘What is happening to me? Is any of this real? Am I losing my mind? Am I hallucinating?’ So all of that stuff was incredibly intentional to try to disorient viewers as much as possible. But I think by the time we get to the end of the story, we realize the stakes of the journey that he went on actually mattered and actually happened in the MCU.”

“But some of those conversations that he has with Arthur Harrow, where Harrow is like the head of the psychiatric institute or he’s posing as a doctor, I think questions like that of like, ‘Well, was that real? Was that inside Marc’s mind? Was that another manifestation of one of his alters or one of his personalities?’ I think those are questions that don’t have a definitive answer yet and possibly never will. Some of those storytelling decisions are above my pay grade because whoever picks up the reins on the character and tells the next story, I think, is going to get to kind of definitively answer some of those outstanding questions.”

The point we can take is that while Jeremy Slater had a solid point, it sounded like Jake could have fired a warning shot at Harrow, or he could have injured him and not ended his life.

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It’s like a mysterious hint carried out on purpose by the statement, so only fans can have close discussions and theories about this. If you haven’t seen the movie, the Moon Knight show is available on Disney Plus now.

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