Kevin Feige Confirmed Captain America’s Virginity Status In the MCU

Marvel Studios is only days away from the release of its final Disney+ show of the year in She-Hulk: Hulk Attorney at Law, bringing Jennifer Walters into the spotlight for the first time in live action. But as the show inches closer to that premiere, its promotional tour has brought one name into the conversation in hilarious fashion: Captain America.

In one of She-Hulk’s first official clips, Jen is driving with her cousin Bruce Banner and discussing his time working with Captain America after the original Avenger retired in the closing moments of Avengers: Endgame. In this scene, Jen is convinced that Steve was a virgin the entire time, having gone from one world-ending battle to another throughout his time in the MCU.

And according to the show’s head writer, this scene was a major topic of discussion as the legend of Captain America continues to grow throughout the Multiverse Saga.

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Kevin Feige Knows Captain America’s Virginity Status

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law head writer Jessica Gao spoke to Variety about the recently shared scene where Jennifer Walters discusses whether Captain America is a virgin.

Gao revealed that the writing team first pitched the idea by incorporating it into early drafts, and at one point had the joke as a running gag throughout the entire season.

Considering Captain America’s long-standing place as one of the founding Avengers, both in the MCU and in the comics, it only makes sense that this question is so prevalent three years after his last appearance.

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