What did Will happen to Ms. Marvel in Episode 3?

New episodes and new insights about Kamala Khan in the Ms. Marvel series have just been shown to us. The second episode also further examines Kamala’s powers with the help of Bruno Carrelli in a fun training montage. Other good things are also shown more about the Muslim element.

In addition, Episode 2 also highlights Kamala’s friendship with Nakia Yasmeen Fletcher and at the end brings a riddle about her grandmother, Aisha. The last part that makes the audience even more eager to wait is what happens next.

Kamran and His Mother Are Villain?

When Kamran was introduced to us in the second episode, no one thought he was something of immediate importance, but instead felt for the comics following. So who is Kamran and what will happen?

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However, the end of Episode 2 might hint at a dark turn for Kamran. When Kamala Khan causes trouble for DODC aka Department of Damage Control and gets attacked by Stark Drones, Kamran comes and helps her.

Ms Marvel Third Episode 1

To surprise, there is an unexpected passenger in Kamran’s car: his mother named Namja, played by Nimra Bucha. Based on the character’s appearance, it seems that Kamran’s mother is the same woman who appears in Kamala’s visions which cannot be explained throughout the episode.

However, it remains to be seen whether Namja and Aisha (Kamala’s great-grandmother) are the same people. It will be complicated for Ms. Marvel as well as the person who is Kamran’s mother.

Kamran Has a complicated comic history, and based on the ending, he knows that Kamala has powers, and it seems she was assigned by her mother to look after her until the time comes when they have her own.

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It is unknown what Kamran and Namja’s plans for Kamala are, but if based on the comics, Kamran is a bad guy and also has Inhumans genes, the same goes for Kamala Khan if he also follows the comics.

Kamran Will Kidnap Kamala

Based on the comics, Kamran’s mother is a villain and will do something bad to Kamala. Additionally, Kamran’s powers allow him to emit bright blue-and-white energy that he can use to shock enemies or blow up objects. A hint that he also has powers in the second episode is when he doesn’t feel hurt when he fails to land in the pool.

Kamran’s mother in the comics is named Bushra and not Namja, which means that Marvel Studios changed this aspect for the series. Given that Earth-616 hasn’t introduced the Inhumans well, it’s possible that Kamran and his mother are part of another group rumored to be involved in Ms. Marvel: The ClanDestine.

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The big hint that Kamran’s mother is about to do something bad to Kamala is in one of the promotional videos.

In one of the show’s promos, a brief but shocking snippet of Namja assaulting Kamala can be revealed, confirming that Kamran’s mother is a criminal. The fact that the above scene is set in Aamir’s wedding also makes for a de facto reunion, with Aisha returning to her original family but in an unexpected way.

ClanDestine is known as a family of super beings who are descendants of the Djinn, a powerful wizard race from Marvel Comics. Not only that, they are also described as “long-lived” super creatures, meaning they can survive for a long time.

It seems plausible that Namja is part of ClanDestine, and she could be the same Aisha (Muneeba’s grandmother and Kamala’s great-grandmother) who disappeared during Partition. Based on the negative comments from the Kamala family about Aisha, the character’s act of joining the evil ClanDestine could be the reason why she was expelled and treated as a disgrace to them.

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Ms. Marvel has confirmed that the bracelet belongs to Aisha, and it seems the goal is to get it back. He must have known that the bracelet was still working after Kamala activated it, thus explaining his vision. As a result, Namja/Aisha used Kamran to get to Kamala, finally finding the right time to attack.

Overall, the series of episodes of Ms. The next Marvel is expected to provide answers about Kamala’s true legacy and potential ties to the cosmos.

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