In More Than 5 Movie, What Spiderman Does Gwen Die?

After the new Spider-Man movie, many may be wondering What Spiderman Does Gwen Die is like. Because the topic just rose again to be talked about. As you know by now, there have been many versions of Spider-Man films including the one where Gwen Stacy character died.

The fact is, all three we mean are getting Crossovers. And for those of you who haven’t watched all of them, you might be confused, about the movie Which Spiderman Does Gwen Die. Quick hint for that here, let’s talk about it.

What Spiderman Does Gwen Die?

If you’re a long-time follower of Spider-Man, there are probably many scenes or moments that you can’t forget. Maybe one of them is what we’re talking about right now, about Gwen Stacy and her leaving. Well, now we can focus on finding the answer to What Spiderman Does Gwen Die.

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Of all the versions of the Spider-Man film, one of the most shocking scenes is when Gwen Stacy, played by Emma Stone, died in the second film of The Amazing Spider-Man. For many, this one may be an iconic and memorable sad moment. You can see the clip for that part here:

The film that made Gwen Stacy die was released in 2014. Even before the film’s premiere in May, rumors of the tragedy left Gwen who was supposed to be one of Spider-Woman, to a tragic fate.

As with most films prior to its release, the leak for this film also took place in 2014. Several photos of Emma Stone wearing the same outfit Gwen was wearing in the comics when she died leaked online. And like No Way Home, the prediction was correct.

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Gwen Gone Forever?

What Spiderman Does Gwen Die 1
What Spiderman Does Gwen Die? | Niko Tavernise/Columbia Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection

It’s possible for Emma Stone to return as Peter’s girlfriend, but there are many versions of it, one of which is Gwen being Spider Gwen. Fans believe that things can happen. In fact, they want that wish to happen in No Way Home.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, but only got a replacement or we can call it a callback scene in memory of Gwen Stacy. And still, the film’s sad ending is considered one of the most tragic and tearful moments in all of the Spider-Man films.

You can read this too:

How did Gwen die?

So, how did Gwen Stacy die in The Amazing Spider-Man 2? This is a definite question for those of you who haven’t watched it. Or maybe, it just came from those of you who watched No Way Home to the end. As Andrew Garfield and Spider-Man re-experienced when he lost Gwen, viewers unfamiliar with the franchise might wonder how it came to be.

What Spiderman Does Gwen Die 2

The tragedy that occurred when Spider-Man tried to defeat the Green Goblin in the film version at the end of the film and took Gwen a hostage, made Spider-Man have to try hard to save him. After all that happened, Gwen was caught in the middle of the fight and fell from the clock tower.

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After finishing defeating the Green Goblin, Spider-Man shoots a web down the tower and captures Gwen. Unfortunately, even when he was able to catch Gwen using the spider web, Gwen’s head or neck hit the ground. Spider-Man goes to check on him, he’s hanging limply, and even though there’s no blood anywhere, it’s clear he’s dead because he’s unresponsive.

Unfortunately, the second Amazing Spider-Man movie didn’t get many likes or ratings. There are a lot of facts that make that happen, you can view the ratings or viewer comments here:

Does this Happen in the Comics Too?

To be sure, what happened? Comics can give you insight into how Gwen Stacy died. The moment we speak of is the same energy as the source material for Marvel comics. Well, now we can focus on finding the answer to What Spiderman Does Gwen Die, or maybe you just got it now.

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In The Amazing Spider-Man #121 there is a storyline called “The Night Gwen Stacy Died“, which tells about the same situation and ends it, much like the movie version. Where the Green Goblin or Norman Osborn as his real name, kidnaps Gwen and brings her to the bridge.

After that, Spider-Man and he got into a fight. For information, the bridge we mean is sometimes depicted as the Brooklyn Bridge, and other times, the George Washington Bridge in the comics. After the two met, the two fought it out and then the Green Goblin threw Gwen off the bridge, that’s a similar moment or we can see it as adaptation material.

Even Spider weeb had a shot at Gwen’s leg and caught her, but when he pulled her up he realized she was dead. And as you know, that’s why fans were able to find out about the leak in 2014 in advance.

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Also, as you know this led to Spider-Man blaming himself for putting Gwen in danger. It might not be 100% accurate, but for shadowing it’s a great adaptation, or we can remember it as a sad moment ever.

That’s roughly the instructions or discussion on the topic of What Spiderman Does Gwen Die or Which Spiderman Does Gwen Die that many people are looking for. Well, now we can focus on finding the answer to What Spiderman Does Gwen Die, or maybe you just got it now.

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