Will Hailee Steinfeld Make a Cameo in Ant-Man 3?

As the first project in Phase 5 of the MCU, Ant-Man: Quantumia holds a significant place in the franchise, with director Peyton Reed noting that it “will permanently change the Marvel Cinematic Universe.” However, beyond its potential multiversal implications, the project is also interesting for other reasons, including its stellar cast.

Previous rumors suggested Hawkeye actress Hailee Steinfeld might join the project, something that seems to be shared by those involved in the film.

Kathryn Newton from Ant-Man 3 Speaks as Cameo Hailee Steinfeld

Following the recent announcement of Kathryn Newton’s role as Cassie Lang, the actress has been making the rounds, opening up about her own excitement and the role of her character in Ant-Man: Quantumia, as well as the larger MCU.

During an interview with Phase Zero, Newton was asked about the possibility of working with other young heroes, most notably Kate Bishop of Hailee Steinfeld. While Newton didn’t have an answer, he shared his interest in the prospect, saying, “You know, we were friends in the comics.”

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With past rumors leading to a cameo for Kate Bishop in the upcoming Ant-Man: Quantumia, the prospects are not entirely out of the question.

If a future Young Avengers project is indeed on the horizon, it makes sense for Marvel to start planting the seeds of a team-up as early as possible. And, with all the money they had, it wouldn’t be too difficult to engage Steinfeld for a day or two to shoot small scenes.

With young heroes popping up left and right, including Billy and Tommy Maximoff, America Chavez, and Ms. Marvel, it seems more and more likely that a Young Avengers team will form, at least at some point.

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