Kevin Feige Reacts to Batgirl Cancellation News

The industry is still reeling from the shocking moves made by Warner Bros. in recent days as the new leadership shifts their overall strategy. These changes led to the complete cancelation of Batgirl, a film that was almost finished entirely. The drastic move is not normal—in fact, many long-time industry professionals are just as shocked as the general public.

The reason for the cancelation? For a tax write down. Supposedly, it may have also had something to do with its quality, but that’s been refuted, so it’s unclear if it even plays into the situation at all.

Both the directors and lead actress Leslie Grace have released public statements in regards to the news, but reactions are still coming in. Now, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has reacted to the sad news.

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Kevin Feige’s Message to Batgirl Directors

In a recent Instagram story, Ms. Marvel and Batgirl director Adil El Arbi shared a touching message he received from Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige in the wake of his wedding and the cancellation of his HBO Max original DC flick.

Kevin Feige Reacts To Batgirl Cancellation News 1

Feige reached out to offer his congratulations on El Arbi’s wedding and his remorse for the cancelation of Batgirl – which was co-directed by Bilall Fallah.

In El Arbi’s story, he also thanks everyone for “all the messages of support all over the world,” and gave specific shoutouts to Edgar Wright and James Gunn for their “kind words and experience,” which “[meant] a lot and [helped them] through this difficult period.”

Kevin Feige reaching out like that is definitely a class act. It’s never been in question that the Marvel Studios president has a good relationship with the creatives he works with, but this is just further proof.

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