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Marvel Celebrates Superhero Dads in Fathers Day Post

Marvel celebrates all the superhero dads in the MCU for Marvel Fathers Day 2022. It’s been more than ten years since the MCU was founded, and it has brought so many superhero characters. Currently, Marvel is developing its newest Disney+ series, Ms. Marvel, and the fourth Thor movie, Thor: Love and Thunder.

The MCU first started in 2008 through the first Iron Man film, which is the most iconic character. Then there is Thor, the son of Odin from Asgard, who has interesting characteristics.

Hawkeye and Ant-Man are the most prominent family men in the franchise, not to mention Hank Pym. However, the MCU shows that not all dads are great, like Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. So far, MCU has entered phase 4, starting with Wanda Vision and Shang Chi.

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Marvel Fathers Day Post

For Father’s Day 2022, this time, Marvel UK is celebrating it through the latest posts on its Social Media. With a caption that reads “Superhero Dad.” In this list, Marvel also includes Thanos in it.

Various comments flooded this post, many congratulated, and some criticized. Some of them oppose the inclusion of Odin and Thanos on this list.

Odin was initially seen as a good father until the arrival of his first child Hela in Thor: Ragnarok made many begin to see another side of Odin. As for Thanos, many have commented that he is a terrible father. Although he really loves Gamora, Thanos is also very rude to him, especially to his younger sister, Nebula.

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After all, they are still fathers and deserve a happy father’s day, and that’s all the information we can give to you. Of course, if there are questions or other things that you want to tell, you can write them in the comments below.

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