Are Kingpin and Kazi of the MCU Hawkeye Series Dead?

When you’ve watched the Hawkeye series on Disney Plus as a stunt for the MCU marathon series, you’ve seen that Kingpin and Kazi Die are on the show. However, we did get to see a confirmation scene in the last episode or a post-credit scene, but it’s quick to think these two just died.

Death appears to be a one-way prospect, but in the fictional world, we often see the return of characters experiencing such a thing. This is especially true in the comic book world, where fake resurrections and deaths are as common as radioactive accidents and the threat of the end of the world, and characters are often available to return at a moment’s notice. So, what does this mean, is Kingpin or Kazi still alive?

Kingpin and Kazi Will Return on Next MCU Show?

The deaths featured in the MCU weren’t the only things that happened before, if you look back, Loki showed us that he died but somehow only came back later in the next film. But for some poor characters, they really do die like Natasha Romanoff.

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For Kingpin and Kazi, maybe the same thing can happen when both are revealed again to the next show maybe to the next event or case to come. Because if you look at the comics, Kingpin has a long line, especially with Spider-Man. And after the character has a story reset, this can make Kingpin meet with them to make a new story as an enemy.

It’s a bad thing to make a character like a Kingpin really die in the MCU because this is one of the icons of the Marvel comics following.

Hawkeye’s seemingly more direct death with Kazi, a former ally of Sports mafia leader Maya Lopez, could also be a major one to turn things around. In the series, Kazi is revealed to have learned of Kingpin’s role in Maya’s father’s death, which led to him taking his life. With Maya, Hawkeye’s main antagonist, getting her own spinoff in the near future, Kazi’s return would make a lot of sense, complicating her journey to confront the past.

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Based on information he told in Attitude Magazine, actor Fra Fee, who plays Kazi in the MCU, talked about his future potential in the mega-franchise. In direct response to a question about Kazi returning, Fee teased that “Nobody ever dies at Marvel.”

Based on that statement, we can think this is a temptation for her comeback, maybe not now, but someday. There’s still a lot to be explored with the characters. In the comics, Kazi exists as a much weirder character called the Clown, with faces painted to match.

But if Kazi really dies, and can return via resurrection or flashback, Kazi’s return seems very likely, especially considering this comment from Fee. Whether or not the character will actually reappear, and if so, in what form, is up for debate, at least until more about the series is revealed. So what do you think?

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