Ms. Marvel Confirmed Copying X-Men Power in Final Episode!

Well, at the end of the show Ms. Marvel just happened recently, on July 13th. So many things happened there, including how Marvel Studios tricked the audience into using false things about Kamala Khan’s powers and uncovering the truth in episode 6.

There are many other things to note when it comes to the end of Ms. Marvel from Marvel Studios. After six episodes, the conflict finally came down to DODC and Kamran who got a little out of hand. More importantly, Kamala Khan has finally gotten her signature outfit, just in time to try out some new moves for her final Disney+ entry.

About Kamala Khan’s Powers in Live Action

Many people are outraged when Kamala Khan’s story of power tells a different compared to the original source material. People have been vocal about Ms. Marvel, and rightfully so.

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The strength of the tough lightweight construction is far different from that of stretchy leather. However, even with that, the show has come a long way by having this new ability still visually mimic its classic moves.

Until this last episode, most of them were in the form of large crystal hands. But in Kamala’s big fight with DODC, she finally made her signature move: Embiggen. In doing so, he gained several legs, some longer limbs, and a protective exoskeleton covering his body.

Now, as interesting as seeing Kamala Khan embiggen when she takes on multiple agents at once, the special use of her light construction abilities looks a lot like X-Men: Hisako Ichiki, aka, Armor.

Ms Marvel Confirmed Copying X Men Power 2

Now, the main star of the series has confirmed the influence of the X-Men characters on Kamala’s powers. During the recent Reddit AMA, star Ms. Marvel’s Faith Vellani revealed that they “definitely took [inspiration] from Armor” when using Kamala’s new ability in the series. Then, who is Armor or Hisako Ichiki?

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Meet Armor, Real Embiggen-er

Hisako Ichiki is a mutant who hails from Tokyo, Japan, and was first introduced to comics with Astonishing X-Men (Vol. 3) #4. Under the name Armor, its ability was Psionic Exoskeleton-Armo, essentially made of hard light construction.

When she joined the Xavier Institution, Hisako was placed in a training regiment run by Kitty Pryde called the Paladin Squad. One of his first major conflicts involved a super villain named Ord, who hails from an alien planet called Breakworld when he attacked their school. Not long after, he ends up fighting the Danger Room alive after the tragic suicide of his best friend.

Armor is finally inducted into the X-Men officially while on a mission with Wolverine to Breakworld, where they must destroy a weapon capable of destroying Earth. From there, he continued to be involved in several mutant storylines, including the House of M, Nathaniel Grey’s delusional delusions, the split between Wolverine and the Cyclops, and the founding of the mutant country of refuge Krakoa.

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When Armor activated his power, he was essentially placed inside a huge exoskeleton made of violent light. From within, he moved his body as the armor covering him listened—another way to describe him was as the see-through Iron Man armor.

Now, the effect isn’t as dramatic as the Armor in the comics, but still, it’s very similar. Do you think this is a good idea and don’t want to replace that character?

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