Doctor Strange 2 Becomes New Disney Plus Historic Rating Movie

Giving a new feel to a massive franchise building with a thick feel for a long time is no easy task and more than capable of becoming a New Disney Plus Historic Rating Movie. Are things about Doctor Strange 2 begin to explore the concept of Multiverse, by introducing another world and variant characters that we have known so far?

Doctor Strange 2 isn’t just about exploring and telling a journey into the Multiverse, it’s also about giving it a new vibe that wasn’t in the previous MCU films. But this is not the only one, because when Moon Knight made his debut, the same thing just happened.

But now, let’s see how Doctor Strange becomes a new historical film with a special rating on Disney Plus. Sam Raimi has a big responsibility in making this project a success.

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Killing Characters is a Surprise Thing

While the film made it to theaters without a higher Rated-R label, audiences were confused and shocked when the murder scene unfolded. It’s not just about the horror vibe as a novelty in the MCU, but how dare Marvel Studios to show Black Bolt exploding in his own brain, then how Reed Richard explodes after being separated is so spooky like instant noodles.

Even the actress Ms. Marvel Faith Vellani just said the dead Black Bolt part made him look dirty. Following that, the sequel to Doctor Strange is still not getting an adult rating on Disney Plus.

New Disney Plus Historic Rating Movie 1

Those of you who haven’t seen the film may be confused and shocked to see the brutal deaths of the entire Illuminati and some very cruel, gruesome images, it’s a wonder the rating hasn’t been raised.

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If you’re asking about whether future MCU movies implement higher rating ratings, Yes, the obvious answer is Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 3. However, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is available on the Disney Plus streaming platform now if you want to rewatch it.

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