Superior Iron Man Origin, Power, and Weakness in Marvel Comic

Superior Iron Man Comic is one of the most important superheroes, because not like Iron Man that failed to create Ultron. The Superior Iron Man was able to make it and he give the name Ultron Sentries, he use it as AI to protect the world.

Even so, Superior Iron Man is not a character that can be considered a superhero. Rather it is more of an Anti-Hero. Because he is more concerned with profit for himself than anyone else.

The character is rumored to be appearing in Doctor Strange: In The Multiverse of Madness as a member of the Illuminati. But it turned out to be wrong, which appeared only Ultron Sentries (Ultron which was successfully created by Superior Iron Man). Meanwhile, until the end, Superior Iron Man was not shown his appearance.

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Although not shown directly in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), we can find out through Superior Iron Man Comic.

Superior Iron Man Comic Origin

Superior Iron Man is an Anti-Hero in Marvel Comics on Earth TRN517 he is an arrogant version of the supposed Iron Man character.

Superior Iron Man’s origins started when the Axis Event #1-9, where the morality of heroes and villains was reversed by Scarlet Witch magic. As a result, the heroes who were supposed to be good turned out to be evil. Likewise, criminals who were originally evil began to turn into good ones.

Superior Iron Man Comic

Even so, the magic was successfully canceled so the heroes and villains returned to normal. But unfortunately, that doesn’t apply to Tony Stark who has turned into Superior Iron Man.

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He already knew about the magic that changed him, but he still wanted to keep his evil personality. He also refused to be returned as before and become the Superior Iron Man.

Superior Iron Man Comic

Power and Abilities

The armor used by Superior Iron Man is made of white liquid metal. In addition, Tony also combines it with the Symbiote. So that makes it easy to blend into Tony’s body. The name of this armor was ENDO-SYM Armor.

The armor is the same in function as the Iron Man Armor, but only simpler to use. Moreover, thanks to the combination of Symbiotes, Iron Man’s Superior Armor can detect Tony’s presence automatically and merge with him.


Because the combination of Symbiotes, fire and sonic can clearly be a weakness of Superior Iron Man. But because Tony is smarter, he has already overcome this weakness by adding anti-Fire and Sonic to his armor. So Superior Iron Man now has Fire and Sonic resistance.

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Back to Being the Normal Iron Man

Superior Iron Man Comic

At the Secret Wars Event (2015), there was a Universe collision between all the Marvel Universes. resulted in a new Universe called Battle World where Dr. Doom becomes the ruler.

After the end of the Secret Wars event (2015), the Marvel Universe can finally return to normal. Including Tony Stark, who previously became Iron Man Superior due to Magic, can return to being a normal Iron Man.

So that’s all the information about the Superior Iron Man Comic Origin, Power, and Weakness. If there are questions or other things that you want to tell, you can write them in the comments below.

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