Not Much People Know It, This is The Advantages of WhatsApp GB MOD!

Currently, there are lots of users from various countries, one of which is the United States, who likes to download WhatsApp GB MOD on their smartphone, according to data obtained from Google Trends.

It is said that this one WhatsApp does have more advantages than the original version of the application and other MOD version applications. But, for now, what is WhatsApp GB, and what are the advantages of the original version of the WhatsApp application?

Whatsapp MOD
Whatsapp MOD | Freepik

What is WhatsApp GB

In short, WhatsApp GB itself is a modified version or made by a third party but has unique features that the original version doesn’t have. That’s why many users from various countries who use the original WhatsApp have switched to the modified version.

In this application itself, they have added some features that the original version doesn’t have. For the features and advantages of the original WhatsApp itself, you can see it on this below:

  1. Send 100 images at once
  2. Can use two versions in one smartphone, namely original and modified
  3. Can send video files that have a large size
  4. Set the group name to more than 35 characters
  5. Has an automatic reply feature like WhatsApp Business
  6. Use the theme as you wish
  7. Change online status
  8. Schedule messages
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WhatsApp Original vs WhatsApp GB MOD

FeaturesWhatsApp OriginalWhatsApp GB MOD
Character Length139 Character255 Character
Media Sharing Restrictions15 MB50 MB
Simultaneous File Sharing30100
Supported Languages45130
Hide Last SeenNot availableAvailable
Copy and Download StatusNot availableAvailable
Sending Blank MessageNot availableAvailable
Change ThemesNot availableAvailable
Share PDF or TXT DocumentsNot availableAvailable
WhatsApp Original Lose the Comparsion
WhatsApp Original Lose the Comparsion | Okezone Techno

So, in terms of this comparison, which one do you think is the most worthy of downloading? It’s clear that WhatsApp GB is definitely from the features and breadth it provides.

However, because this is a modified version, be careful when sharing important data through your chats! If not, your data is threatened with leakage

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