5 Best Cheap Computer Power Supply Under $70 2020

Because currently there is a COVID-19 pandemic, many people are carrying out their activities at home, especially those working online via a computer. So, to ensure the safety and durability of your computer, you should immediately upgrade your cheap Power Supply to a better one.

The reason you have to upgrade the power supply is because of the role and function of the tool to supply electricity so that all components on the computer can be used. Imagine your power supply is not good. Of course, computer components will not get an optimal electric current and can cause damage.

Best Cheap Power Supply Under $70

And that’s why on this occasion, Wowkia will make recommendations for the 5 best cheap computer Power Supply under $70 in 2020 to help you all avoid computer damage.

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1. be quiet! System Power U9 500W 80+

be quiet! System Power U9 500W 80+
be quiet! System Power U9 500W 80+ | Enter Komputer

For the first recommendation, we have a power supply made by be quiet. This is a product that they claim is reliable and has good efficiency even at a low price. What’s more, this be quiet also uses DC-to-DC technology, which makes the voltage received by the computer components closely guarded.

The meaning of DC-to-DC itself is that the voltage that enters the computer components will be more stable than old technology. Because of this technology, computers will certainly be better protected from short circuits and things that can cause other damage to our computers.

2. FSP HV PRO 550W 80+

FSP HV PRO 550W 80+
FSP HV PRO 550W 80+ | GlazeStore

Because of DC-to-DC technology, FSP claims this cheap power supply has a guaranteed and reliable electric current. This product also has a high-end cooler, which they claim has advanced technology that makes cooling more optimal, and also certified 80+ White.

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Because this power supply focuses more on performance, the type of cable used is a sleeve but has better quality. Although FSP makes this product to pursue performance, many people wonder why efficiency is still 80+ White.

3. Corsair CV 550W 80+

Corsair CV 550w 80+
Corsair CV 550w 80+ | Corsair

If the two power supplies above have DC-to-DC technology, the cheap power supply made by Corsair doesn’t have this technology yet. But Corsair claims this product has an ultra-efficiency of up to 88% and has a more stable output wattage than the average.

Not only that, but this product also uses a fan that runs in low-noise operation mode, which will make the CV 550W 80+ cooler and less noisy.

4. Cooler Master MWE 550 V2 80+

Cooler Master MWE 550 V2 80+
Cooler Master MWE 550 V2 80+ | JevonStore

The fourth low-cost power supply recommendation is from Cooler Master, where this product is the latest version of the MWE low-end series, which was recently released.

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The mainstay of this product itself is 80+ Standard Certified, 120 mm HDB Fan, DC-to-DC technology + LLC Circuit Design Single and + 12V Rail Flat Black Cables.

5. ANTEC VP Series 500W V2 80+

ANTEC VP Series 500W V2 80+
ANTEC VP Series 500W V2 80+ | ANTEC

Just like the FSP HV PRO 550W 80+, this power supply is more concerned with performance than aesthetics. As stated on the official website, the ANTEC VP Series 500W V2 80+ is built for outstanding performance. This product is a solution for those who want good performance but at a low price.

This ANTEC VP Series 500W V2 80+ has various power variants. But what people buy most often is the 500W version, which already has an efficiency of up to 88% and will make your electricity bill cheaper. To avoid heat and noise, this power supply also uses a high-quality fan.

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What do you think about the 5 best cheap computer power supply recommendations under $70 in 2020? Oh yeah, for those of you who want to buy one of the power supplies from this recommendation, you can buy it through the online shop or the nearest shop in your city.

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