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10 Tips To Effectively Explore Dragonspine in Genshin Impact

Have you gone to Dragonspine? It is a vicious region full of icy monsters and Fatui. On top of that, you also have to deal with the Sheer Cold. I’ve been there, and I’d say that you need to be agile and cunning to explore the snowy mountains.

The event held in Dragonspine, “The Chalk Prince and The Dragon”, provides many rewards. It gives you 4-star weapons, intertwined/acquaint fate, AR points, Mora, etc. So far, I’ve racked up 900k Mora and 3 4-star weapons. You only have to complete the event quests. I will talk about the quests later. Now, I will give you the tips first on how to get through Dragonspine.

Dragonspine Map
Dragonspine Map

Tips To Explore Dragonspine

  1. Light all torches, bonfires, and beacons.
    You need every heat sources you can get. You never know what’s gonna happen, especially moving higher to the mountains or exploring an area with snowstorms. Better safe than sorry.
  2. Kill every enemy.
    Every. Single. One. That’s because you need the Rime-worn Crystals and Rime-worn Fragments to complete the event’s challenge.
  3. Get every Starsilver Ore.
    If you ever found some, get them. You’ll need this to craft the event’s 4-star weapons. It’s actually pretty hard to found one.
  4. Toggle your Elemental Sight.
    This is to find objectives quickly. By doing so, you can easily search for Scarlet Quartz, Ancient Rimes, Heat Sources, or Starsilver Ore.
  5. Keep your eye on Scarlet Quartz.
    Scarlet quartz means there’s a treasure, key item, or enemy near you. So, keep your eye on one or better, take the quartz. Scarlet quartz enables you to stop the Sheer Cold accumulation and enhancing your attack for a while.
  6. Ancient Rime.
    It’s the block of ice with some weird pattern on it. You can break them using Scarlet Quartz’s enhanced attack. More often than not, there’s a treasure behind these icy blocks.
  7. Don’t get Hydro or Cryo on your char.
    Most of the time, it doesn’t end well. A Hydro on you might get you frozen from enemy attacks. Most of the enemy on Dragonspine have Cryo attacks. Unless you want to get frozen every 1 second, don’t get Hydro on you. Meanwhile, getting a Cryo would make the Sheer Cold accumulation faster. So, be careful about that, too.
  8. You don’t need to climb.
    Even though Dragonspine is similar to Liyue, don’t just climb everywhere. Higher places mean colder places. You also won’t be finding that many heat sources around the hills. Take a safer route.
  9. A party of Anemo, Cryo, Pyro, and Electro.
    These are my recommended elements for your party. First Anemo, because it does well to combo with other elements, and there are some Anemo beacons in Dragonspine. Second Cryo, you need it because sometimes you can’t afford to swim, and there are some Cryo beacons. Next Pyro and Electro, to easily counter the enemies in Dragonspine.
  10. You may have to consider to take Barbara with you.
    With all the Sheer Cold, you absolutely need a healer in this region. I’d recommend you take Barbara because she is a free char and can provide you a good amount of regen. Sometimes, you won’t be finding torch, beacons, bonfire, or Seelie immediately. So, you may have to take the Sheer Cold Damage. With Barbara, you can mitigate the damage with her E. Some bosses in the region also force you to fight in fiercer Sheer Cold accumulation and sometimes without a fire source.
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