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Debuting, China Steam Only Has 53 Games

Today, China Steam has debuted in public beta. With the start of this debut, the Chinese version of Steam has become the first local platform for Valve’s seminal PC storefront (perhaps other local versions will arrive too).

However, despite announcing the beta version of its debut in public, unfortunately this debut will not go smoothly. You see, the Chinese state government provides a unique law and is difficult to accept.

Due to this law, it appears that there are very few offers on the Chinese version of Steam. Because reportedly the storefront only provides a total of 53 games for users in China to try.

In this list, only two giant games can be played, such as Dota 2 and Counter-Strike. Apart from these two giant games, there are also other less well-known games, such as Human Fall Flat, Candle-Man: Full Version, RPG Maker, Undying, Run Meow, Fast-Paced and various other games.

China Steam Game
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China Steam Has Few Games Due To Government Licenses

As reported by PC Gamer, probably the lack of games in the Chinese version of Steam happened because of government regulations that require game developers to get a license, so that these developers can release games that they made in China.

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Indeed, the Chinese government has long restricted the distribution of video games to their country. Due to these restrictions, players in China are forced to use the international version of Steam or import the games that they want to play from abroad.

Actually it is a common knowledge that China is one of the largest gaming markets in the world. However, somehow their government gave very strict regulations related this matter. So, that’s why sadly China Steam only has 53 games.

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