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Dying Light 2 Does Not Feature Recruitable NPC

As Dying Light 2 game developer, Techland has confirmed that the game will not actually have NPCs that can be recruited. Even though there will be supporting characters in this game, it seems that they can only be used for a certain time, like doing missions, for example.

However, even though the NPC recruiting feature is not available in Dying Light 2, this feature may later be presented in Dying Light 2 DLC. So, for those of you players who previously asked the developer for the NPC recruitment feature, don’t give up. If you keep asking the developers, they will likely add that feature in a future DLC.

Dying Light 2
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However, even though there is no NPC recruitment feature in Dying Light 2, it doesn’t seem like a problem. You see, this is a game that makes players free to explore the outside world. So, you could say having an NPC would only make you feel bad because he would get in the way of your adventure.

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Tymon Smektala Think About Dying Light 2 NPC

Besides, as the main designer for the game Dying Light 2, Tymon Smektala said a few things about this NPC recruit feature. He said, in this game, there would be no NPC romance like in the Mass Effect game. So, the fact is that here the players can call these characters unreal allies.

In fact, Tymon also said that no mechanic could fully recruit NPCs like in Far Cry 5. However, to make up for this shortcoming, Tymon said there would be times when these characters will join the fight for a short time. You could say that the NPCs in the Dying Light 2 game will not always be silent, like in MMORPG games and the like.

Dying Light 2 is a game developed and published by Techland. Dying Light 2 is currently still under development. So, it’s still uncertain whether this game will be released on all platforms or not.

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