Fake Audiences in China Were Paid $ 120 per Show to Laugh and Cry

The television industry has become one of the interests of many people. In China, audiences in a show will be paid up to $ 120.

Professional audiences are currently highly developed in China. Since booming in 2014, this work has produced more than 180 million yuan or $ 26.5 million.

Their job just sit in the audience bench and make a face in camera. They can cheer, cry, laugh, and do everything what the show asked for them.

One can earn 800 yuan or $ 120 per show, which is the show running for three to four hours.

This is an example from audience search shared via social media.

  • Height: 155 cm
  • Compensation: 300 yuan (roughly $45) remuneration per recording of four hours
  • Role: To enliven the scene with applause
  • Duration: Up to the taker, will be remunerated 300-800 yuan (about $45 to $120) upon completion of four to eight hours

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