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Ichiban Kasuga Will Lead “Yakuza” For the Next 10 Years!

As reported by Game Rant, Ichiban Kasuga will be the main protagonist of the Yakuza game franchise series for the next ten years. This is said by Kazuhiro Nakaya as the voice actor of the character on this series.

Many people don’t know why Kazuhiro decided to do so, but certainly fans of the Yakuza series, especially Like a Dragon, have to be prepared for this. How could not, considering that the character Ichiban Kasuga will be the protagonist for the next ten years, it is certain that this news is very surprising.

Ichiban Kasuga
Ichiban Kasuga | Parliamo Di Videogiochi

For those who don’t know, Ichiban was previously introduced to the latest game from the Yakuza series, namely Like a Dragon. Previously, the protagonist of the Yakuza series was Kazuma Kiryu, however, with the arrival of this new character, maybe the Yakuza series game will become even more exciting?

Kazuhiro Nakaya Will Play as Ichiban Kasuga for the Next 10 Years

As additional information, there is its own uniqueness in making the game this time, such as where in an interview, Yakuza series creator, Toshihiro Nagoshi said that you will help me earn a living for the next ten years to Kazuhiro (voice actor Ichiban Kasuga).

Toshihiro said it seemed like he had high hopes for Kazuhiro. How not, because the protagonist of the Yakuza this time is very popular with many people, so it’s only natural that many people hope Ichiban and Kazuhiro will become a popular face in this franchise series.

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