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Yelan is a new character officially announced to be released on Genshin Impact 2.7, this character uses the Cryo element and Bow weapon type. As we know, if a player wants to get the character’s full potential, he needs to upgrade it with materials including Yelan.

For that, you need to know first what Yelan Ascension Materials we’re likely to need to boost through the level cap and reach her full potential. You can find everything about Yellan’s character ascension materials, talent ascension materials, and then specific guidance below.

Genshin Impact Yelan Materials

Character Ascension Materials

Ascension PhaseCharacter
1.20+1x Varunada Lazurite Sliver, 3x Recruit’s Insignia,
3x Starconch3x Starconch
2.40+3x Varunada Lazurite Fragment, 15x Recruit’s Insignia,
10x Starconch
3.50+6x Varunada Lazurite Fragment, 12x Sergeant’s Insignia,
20x Starconch
4.60+3x Varunada Lazurite Chunk, 18x Sergeant’s Insignia,
30x Starconch
5.70+6x Varunada Lazurite Chunk, 12x Lieutenant’s Insignia,
45x Starconch
6.80+6x Varunada Lazurite Gemstone, 24x Lieutenant’s Insignia,
60x Starconch

Talent Ascension Materials

2.3x Teachings of Prosperity, 6x Recruit’s Insignia 12,50012,500 Mora
3.2x Guide to Prosperity, 3x Sergeant’s Insignia17,500 Mora
4.4x Guide to Prosperity, 4x Sergeant’s Insignia25,000 Mora
5.6x Guide to Prosperity, 6x Sergeant’s Insignia30,000 Mora
6.9x Guide to Prosperity, 9x Sergeant’s Insignia37,500 Mora
7.4x Philosophies of Prosperity, 4x Lieutenant’s Insignia120,000 Mora
8.6x Philosophies of Prosperity, 6x Lieutenant’s Insignia260,000 Mora
9.12x Philosophies of Prosperity, 9x Lieutenant’s Insignia450,000 Mora
10.16x Philosophies of Prosperity, 12x Lieutenant’s Insignia700,000 Mora

Yelan Materials Farming Guide

Yelan Ascension Materials

Next, we will show you how to get these materials and process them quickly, there are several locations you can visit to find these materials.

  • Prosperity Books are acquired from the Taishan Mansion domain every Monday, Thursday, or Sunday.
  • Insignias can be obtained from Pyro Agents, Fatui Skirmishers, and Cicin Mages.
  • Gilded Scales are obtained from Azdaha at level 70+.
  • Crowns of Insight are very limited: you can obtain a set number of them by making Offerings at the Frostbearing Tree or Sacred Sakura, or enhancing the Lumenstone Adjuvant. They are also available as event rewards.
  • You can also use Hydro ascension materials to craft different variations of Varunada Lazurite, such as using three slivers to make a fragment.

When Yelan Released?

According to the leak, the new character Yelan will come to Genshin Impact on May 31, 2022, and be placed in the first part of the update.

Will Yelan Be Playable?

Genshin Impact’s official Twitter has now released Yellan’s final performance. They say these characters will be released and playable alongside the Genshin Impact 2.7 update.

Is Yelan 5-Star?

Yelan already confirmed will be a 5-star character, this is to be expected considering Yelan’s skills and appearance are very good

And that’s all the information about Yelan ascension materials in Genshin Impact. If there are questions or other things that you want to tell, you can write them in the comments below.

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