Georgia Cinemas Re-Open (But With Twist)

Since mid-March, the Corona virus pandemic, has prompted a number of states to implement stay-at-home orders and social distancing, discouraging large group gatherings and closing down a number of businesses in the process. 

Among these closures were schools, restaurants, most offices, and even movie theaters. The closure of the latter has even prompted a massive shift in the entertainment industry, as many films have delayed their theatrical releases or gone straight to a digital release instead.

Although some movie theaters have chosen to remain shut down until July, some of them are opting to reopen right now instead.

In Georgia, a number of businesses have already started opening their doors again to the public. As of right now, restaurants, salons, gyms, and theaters in the state have begun reopening, but with new rules set in place to keep up social distancing.

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Re-open But With Twist

Movie Theater
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And that twist just like reported by WSB-TV (via Gov. Brian Kemp), is that all businesses reopening “must put strict, protective measures into place to protect employees and patrons.”

And to do that there are several rules that must be placed and follow. And these are those aforementioned rules:

1. Screening patrons for fever at the entrance, limiting occupancy, implementing heavy sanitation routines and staggering employee work stations.

2. Signs must also be placed at entrances that state how patrons experiencing COVID-19 symptoms can’t enter at all.

3. As for movie theaters, they are only allowed to reopen if, “parties are seated at least six feet apart” with no party exceeding more than six people.

4. Along with this, tape must be applied to floors at ticket counters to keep people at a safe distance.

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5. Employees must clean every seat, armrest, door handle, handrail and doorknob before and after each showing,” and ushers “will help enforce social distancing.”

Will Indonesia’s Theater Applying The Same Rules

Bioskop Indonesia 854x507 1
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Now considering on what Georgia states did, will Indonesia’s theater here do the same fashion? Hmmm, i guess not. Why, because (i hate to say this), but most Indonesian people just too afraid or in other words NO GUTS AT ALL!

Again so sorry. Because in my opinion, if our chain theater followed on what Geogia theater did, i’m DAMN certain (NO, NO i am GUAR-DAMN TEE) that we could go to to the movies, enjoying it, without fearing get contracted by Corona.

But yeah that’s just my “childish” opinion though. But what do you think guys? Do you agree with my opinion? sound off ok?

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