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‘Left 4 Dead’ Successor Concept Art Reveals Canceled, But Leaked

Turtle Rock Studios has teased a bit of their Left 4 Dead successor Back 4 Blood already. But did you know that the devs had another project in the works that were sadly canned before moving on to Back 4 Blood? Concept art and details have surfaced from a reported successor to Left 4 Dead from Turtle Rock Studios. Titled Invaders, players would have been tasked with repelling an alien invasion in the United Kingdom.

YouTube channel Unforgotten Games just released a new video detailing the canceled game known as Invaders or Invader. The video collecting concept art and other documents relating to the game. And telling the story of its creation and ultimate demise. According to the video, between 2015 and 2016. Some members of Turtle Rock Studios had been busy on the pitch, which was supposed to be for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The game was likened to Left 4 Dead but was set in the UK. And instead of zombies, you fought giant aliens.

Invader Left 4 Dead Successor

Set in a “not-so-distant future,” the game starred “everyday people” who were forced into the fray. Such as a crab fisherman, journalists, far-left skinheads, college professors, and homeless people. Some of the character designs found in Sixto’s concept art split the playable characters into different classes such as Hero, Tech, Medic, and Sidekick. With abilities tied to each that take advantage of their volition and aid in combat and exploration.

Left 4 Dead Successor Unreleased Game Invaders

As well as a range of smaller aliens with unique abilities to test players’ mettle (much like the special infected in Left 4 Dead). The game would also have large-scale battles with “mega boss” aliens. Players were tasked with co-operating to find weak points and bring down the gigantic creatures. The game’s final boss apparently a massive lurking alien “mothership” and was always in the background. Thought to be “part of the scenery.”. This mothership would learn and grow throughout the narrative. Its visual style changing overtime before the showdown. A LinkedIn resume found by Unforgotten Games also teased that the game might have featured “procedural destruction systems and screenspace weather shaders.”

The game would apparently also make use of procedural destructive environments. It’s similar to what you would’ve found in the Red Faction series. There, of course, would also have been a variety of aliens in both scales and in function. Those are including an alien that would have been created out of trash.

Sadly, like many other projects, this one was never even announced. And probably didn’t make it past the initial hurdles of approval. Still, it makes you hope that Back 4 Blood will utilize some of the concepts they came up with this one. Back 4 Blood is currently in development for PC, current-gen and next-gen consoles.

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