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How to Make Ender Chest in Minecraft

As we know, there is a chest that is much better than the usual one, namely the Ender Chest in Minecraft. From its appearance alone, it can be said that the chest that came from Ender has a much cooler visual.

So, you could say that if you want to have a chest, I’d rather recommend the Ender Chest. You see, this chest has a very cool appearance, and not many gamers made by Mojang use it.

Make Ender Chest in Minecraft

Make Ender Chest In Minecraft
Make Ender Chest in Minecraft | FirstSportz

Because only a few players use this chest, you could say that you can show off this Ender Chest to your game friends. Later, they will definitely feel that this is not an ordinary chest and has a special ability. So, if you already understand how profitable Ender Chests are to use, here’s how to make them.

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Time needed: 3 minutes.

Before following the tutorial below, you need 8 Obsidian and 1 Eye of Ender to making 1 Ender Chest. You can find these items by going to Ender or another place which I don’t really know because it’s random.

  1. Open Your Crafting Table to Making Ender Chest

    First, you need to open Crafting Table to make this chest. If you don’t have this tool, you can make it by seeing this article.Open Your Crafting Table To Making Ender Chest

  2. Enter Ender Chest Recipe

    After creating the Crafting Table, you now need to enter the Ender Chest recipe where you can see in this picture.Enter Ender Chest Recipe

  3. Done Making Ender Chest in Minecraft

    Now you are already done making Ender Chest in this Mojang game, and you can place it wherever you want.Done Making Ender Chest In Minecraft

That was how to make an Ender Chest in Minecraft using Obsidian and Eye of Ender. Indeed, the cost required is quite high just to make a “chest” only. However, I think the cost is well worth it, considering that Obsidian is pretty easy to get.

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