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What is The Meaning of Geek? Here are The Types and Some Explanation About it!

What is geek

This time already become the time where each people socialization with media, like community or organization activity. But, still there introvert people or close themselves and difficult to socialize. They preferred to be alone in their own world. People like this called by Geek! But some normal people don’t know what the meaning of that.

So, What is Geek?

So what’s a Geek? Grammatically has meant a nerd, but that does not mean the geek is all nerds. Literally, we can mean that Geek is a person who is exploring something different from most people. Then, geek also many kinds of tablets, their respective habits are different. You can find out the types of geek and habits in the review below!

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Types of Geek around the world

1. Movie Geek

What is geek movie geek

Between us, certainly many of confessed that they so love the movie. But, we are not comparing our knowledge with the true movie geek. Super movie fans just like harddisk full of movie, knowledge of movie till old movies. You will be confused if you debated with them. Don’t try it at home!

2. Music Geek

What is geek music geek

Like the first, music geek is people who know all of about music. The music geek does not like just some types of music genre, but almost all of pop, rock, ballad till dangdut. And which must you remember, they not just listening to music, but also understood music world.

3. Game Geek

What is geek game geek

You know gamers? Yep, they are people who play a game, but game geek more than that. If gamers just playing one or two games, type of this person willing to spend his time to play more game, and some you will don’t know. And not just spend time, he willing to spend money to buy an expensive game or make his game character to be the strongest.

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4. Gadgets/Techno Geek

What is geek techno geek

Tech geek is people who love technology, smartphones are part of them. We often see someone change his phone every 3 months Right? that kind of person is a Tech geek. But the expert will collect expensive laptop like Razer or RoG.

5. Fashion Geek

What is geek fashion geek

This type of person so helpfully and resent. Fashion geek is people who know style and brand items. It’s fun if they help us to make-up or set the style of our clothes. And it will be suck if they complain what we use if that not matching with their taste.

6. Alien / Conspiracy Theory Geek

What is geek theory conspiracy geek

This people often believe and assume alien exist and they like the conspiracy theory about our world. Every event that happened connected to both the thing. They also interest in unsolved mystery in this world.

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7. Japanese Culture Geek (Anime and Manga)

What is geek

This is the worst kind of geek. If someone likes to watch anime, that’s okay just for entertainment. But, there is the anime lovers, they are who worshiped waifu and idol excessively. They call themselves otaku or weabo. No offense, they are die-hard fans of the character, some even sent death letter to seiyuu (voice actor) which they don’t like.