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Who the Fastest Between The Flash and Superman? This is What You Should Know!

Superman vs the flash who the fastest

There are so many debated in the comic world, like who will win if The Flash and Superman race? Some comic book has described that contest.In Justice League’s 2017 movie, post-credit scene displays this competition. Even though, no final answer who will be the winner between The flash vs Superman.

The Flash Comic: Who will win between The Flash vs Superman?

New issue from The Flash display rematch the competition and Superman lose. The comic wrote by Josh Williamson who claimed The Flash objectively faster than Superman.

If it’s about The Flash, so he is the fastest man alive, Williamson share to ScreenRant. “I feel like it’s always been that way. I mean, that’s kind of The Flash’s thing, right? He’s the fastest man alive… it’s right there. I feel like we’ve all been saying it this whole time. I’m sure there are Superman fans that are disappointed, but I mean… Superman can do everything else. He’s Superman.”

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Williamson responds maybe the truth. But, what we must know that Flash may be the fastest man, dan Superman technically not the human, but alien. Ones again, Flash is the fastest man, but he not the fastest thing alive.

This competition followed by Barry Allen, Wally West, and Superman. The result is Superman at third position and Wally be the winner. This matters make The Flash in second and create new fact that Barry not fastest man anymore.

In comic The Flash issue’s #50, Wally is the fastest man alive. As we know that he won the race against Barry Allen and Superman in #49. At #50, Barry said to him, You are the fastest man alive and I’m not the fastest man anymore.”

One thing that Barry do at #50, he still motivates Wally to run faster. Barry is the character motivate someone to be a hero and he does it to Wally be faster than.

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What do you think after know that The Flash faster than Superman?

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