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5 Best Korean Movies Recommendation You Must Watch

Apart from K-Pop and K-Drama, South Korea also has films that already have a special place in its fans’ hearts. Korean films themselves are not much different from Hollywood films, they have many different genres. Ranging from romantic, comedy, to horror. Well, here are the best Korean movies recommendation that you can make a referral!

1. Parasite

Parasite Korean movie recommendation
Parasite |

Parasite is a Korean film that has won four prestigious Oscars. This film tells of a poor family in South Korea who has no future. Then, one day, one of the children from the family managed to become a private tutor in a rich family.

This child, played by Choi Woo-Shik, seems to open the gates of a brighter future for his family. He also brought his family to work in the house of this rich family. But he did it cunningly.

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2. A Werewolf Boy

Werewolf Boy Korean movie recommendation
Werewolf Boy | deenofgeek

A Werewolf Boy is touted as one of the best romantic Korean movies. Tells about a family who moves into an old house in a rural area. In the house, it turns out that there is a wolf boy. The daughter of the family, played by Park Bo Young, taught the wolf boy many things.

From how to dress, write, speak, and other human habits so that one day he can live as a normal man like men in general. Because the girl is the only person who gives love to her, the wolf boy falls in love with her.

However, sometimes the animal instincts come out when pressed, and it makes people afraid and tries to separate them both. To save him, the girl left him with a promise, “Wait for me, I’ll come back for you.”.

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3. The Wailing

The Wailing Korean movie recommendation
The Wailing | Melangit Merah

The third recommendation for best Korean movies is The Wailing, this film has a horror genre. Unlike the horror films that we often find, this film does not sell jump scare scenes to trigger fear.

This film tells about a case of a family massacre in a village called Gokseung in Korea. Because the village often encountered mushrooms growing, the police suspected that the killer had gone mad by eating the mushrooms.

Some residents assumed that the murder case was caused by a Japanese man who lived alone in the middle of the forest. At first he didn’t believe it, but gradually Jong-goo, as a teacher, became suspicious of the Japanese man’s gesture.

Because of that, Jong-goo’s daughter suddenly has a strange thing. Her son suddenly fell ill and wore strangely, his body also had rashes and spots of pus. Finally Jong-goo also suspects the Japanese man as the cause of the odd thing that happened to his son.

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Initially we will be treated to jokes and funny behavior from Jong-goo, but over time the plot turns darker and tense. We can also feel a bad feeling when Jong-goo comes to the Japanese man’s house in the middle of the forest. There is a room filled with candles, and ritual tools such as the devil’s shrine.

4. The Closet (2020)

The Closet Korean movie recommendation
The Closet | The Movie Beat

The fourth best Korean movies recommendation also has a horror genre. Tells of a husband named Sang Won who has to take care of his daughter since his wife died in an accident. Since then, the relationship between Sang Won and his daughter, Yi Na had become awkward.

To overcome the awkwardness, they decided to move to a new house. One day, Yi Na said that she had a new friend. Sang Won feels Yi Nas unusual signs. He also heard a strange sound coming from the Yi Na’s closet.

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Then one day, Yi Na disappeared. Sang Won rushes to find Yi Na. Then, at that time Sang Won met a mysterious man who told him that he knew where Yi Na was. The mysterious man pointed to Yi Na’s closet.

5. My Annoying Brother

My Annoying Brother
My Annoying Brother | IDN Times

This film has a family theme and was released in 2016. This film that has full of moral messages is the last best Korean film recommendation that we recommend for you.

this movie tells about a Judo athlete named Doo-Young, who must lose his eyesight when he is undergoing a competition. This was also used as an advantage by his older brother, a prisoner named Doo-Sik. He took advantage of the incident that happened to his younger brother to become an excuse so he could be free from prison.

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They have the opposite nature, and are not close like brothers in general. But there is something they have to solve and it will actually bring them closer to each other.

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