Hawkman Confusing Origin Will Be Explained in Black Adam

DCEU is still developing new ones, including introducing many new heroes that have never been revealed before. While some issues still occur and could potentially damage the DCEU again, Warner Bros. will do its best for the fans. Dwayne Johnson was selected and will be making his DC film debut, and there is also another hero who will take his place for the first time.

The Justice League as we know it will be replaced by the Justice Society of America, which means that the team members include Dr. Fate to be compared with Dr. Strange from the MCU, then Cyclone, Atom-Smasher, and their leader, Hawkman.

About Hawkman’s Origin in Black Adam

Based on the director’s talk during an interview with Vanityfair, Black Adam director Jaume Collet-Serra spoke about Aldis Hodge’s character Hawkman and how the film handled the character’s perplexing talent for reincarnation over thousands of years and how the film was. aims to fix that with this first film.

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That is, it will be difficult to build a story between Black Adam and Hawkman with something complicated about time. The director noted how “it would be too confusing” to try and establish a known connection between Hawkman and Black Adam, given the two would likely have interacted roughly “5000 years ago.”

Collet-Serra specifically notes how some of the more complex rules shouldn’t be created until the character is more established in the world. This means that, at least to some degree, the director fully intended to see some of the Black Adam cast appear in more DCEUs. But whatever happens then, you’ll see it in Black Adam when it reaches its official premiere on October 21.

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