How the Multiverse Saga Story Will Go Crazy by MCU Producers

The Multiverse Saga has now been confirmed as the next biggest event for the Marvel Cinematic Universe story in the next phase. To build that, many things have to be prepared in the right way. Infinity Saga is done to keep fans satisfied, and then Multiverse Saga will start building one by one.

Wandavision, Loki, and Doctor Strange 2 are great ideas that start off with a little hint of how crazy the Multiverse is. The story of the greatest event ever will end with the dynamic duo Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars in 2025.

MCU Producers Tease About Multiverse Saga

Black Panther 2, entitled Wakanda Forever, will end in 2022 and will also end in Phase 4, where we can see several new heroes that must be set to join the next phase. The ones that were revealed were Ironheart as well as Namor. While in the next condition, the legacy of the new Black Panther will be revealed.

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After that, a new Ant-Man film exploring the world of Quantumia will begin Phase 5. Thunderbolt and the Fantastic Four will enliven the opening party.

Based on what he gave as a hint with Variety, Marvel Studios Head of Streaming, Television and Animation Brad Winderbaum shares his thoughts on what makes the MCU Multiverse Saga so appealing to the MCU and teases the incredible stories to come.

When discussing how the animated series I Am Groot connects to the Guardians of the Galaxy films and whether future animated series will have a similar MCU connection, Winderbaum explains how the entire Multiverse Saga opens up “more avenues” for storytelling.

It would make sense to introduce again Incursion being the worst thing the universe has ever seen. However, Multiversal problems with each other will be told in an epic way by Marvel Studios.

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