Black Panther 2 Leaks About When the Trailer Releases

A lot of people who like or are just starting out as MCU followers are curious about the Black Panther 2 Trailer Release Date. But there’s a hint from a Twitter user with video footage he shot showing that at least it can prove to us.

The Twitter user who gave the hint was @StanOficial, who pointed out that theater employees were seen setting up a promotional stand for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever at the Cinemark location in California. It just teases us that a trailer is coming soon.

About Black Panther 2 Trailer Release Date

At least, we can take this as a big hint or the first legitimate sign that this sequel’s marketing campaign is now starting. But this can only be assumed for now, because Marvel Studios can do everything, including doing the same thing as Spider-Man No Way came home earlier.

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But hopefully, it’s really a hint that a trailer for the Letitia Wright-led film is coming soon. About hints based on the poster, here’s the stuff.

However, the posters on display are not the most attractive pieces of art to market the upcoming sequel. We couldn’t find any other clues or anything interesting from there, just a poster with a simplified version of the film’s logo that has been floating around the internet for months. Okay, now when is the trailer ready to watch?

Based on predictions, it is between the last 142 to 204 days. This can be assumed when the official video average for it is released between the first trailer of the MCU film and its release date.

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And we know, there are still 148 days until Wakanda Forever hits theaters. Maybe only in the last week or in a month or so. Because the previous MCU films only made us have to wait a long time just for the trailer, following the third version of Tom Holland Spider-Man and also Thor: Love and Thunder holding a record of 92 days.

So, when can fans expect to see a decent trailer in the wild? A good bet is for it to land in the next two weeks so it can play alongside Chris Hemsworth’s latest Thor film on July 8.

And to confirm the release date of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever when it hits theaters is November 11. Are you ready for this, make sure you do?

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