This Thing Makes Christian Bale Haven’t Watched The Batman

Many fans were excited when Christian Bale was announced to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Gorr the God Butcher. He’s one of the last actors most expected to make that dive, but director Taika Waititi somehow managed to convince him.

Based on the trailers and trailers available so far, it looks like he’s going to be a scary addition to the MCU. However, even though he’s going to be a good layer, it’s forever impossible for most fans not to see him as Batman.

It’s now more than a decade since Bale last wore the famous veil, and he remains a fan favorite. Even after Ben Affleck’s turn as a hero, Bale stands as a classic Dark Knight to many out there.

Batman in Bale’s Perspective

With the actor now in the spotlight again, many may be wondering what he thinks of Robert Pattinson’s portrayal of the Caped Crusader in this year’s The Batman. Unfortunately, it seems that he has not seen it, according to the actor himself, regardless of the reason, he will watch it in the end.

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At the red carpet premiere for Thor: Love and Thunder, Variety asked Christian Bale what he thought of Robert Pattinson’s The Batman. Surprisingly, the actor revealed how he “still [hasn’t] seen it,” but he “will see it” and “[he] heard wonderful things.”

The reason the actor behind hasn’t seen it is that “[he] really likes to enjoy movies, and [he doesn’t] want to watch too much:”

There’s definitely more than one Batman fan out there who would be disappointed to learn of Bale’s ignorance of The Batman. Hopefully, he keeps his word and ends up watching the former Twilight actor bring and expand the Caped Crusader legacy.

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Bale may have to consider following up soon. Before he knows it, he’ll be completely behind, because not only will there be a Penguin spinoff series, but The Batman will also receive an Arkham Asylum show; the clock is ticking. Batman is now streaming on HBO Max.

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