Disney’s Halle Bailey Responds to MCU X-Men Casting Claims

Marvel Studios’ first tease into the X-Men came during Ms. Marvel’s finale, which concluded with a big twist: Kamala Khan was revealed to be the MCU’s first mutant. So, are the X-Men just around the corner?

Those expecting to see Mutants soon, however, may be disappointed to learn that Marvel Studios might not be legally allowed to do so until 2025–which is Phase Six at the earliest. Even with that information out there, fans have continued fan-casting away.

Halle Bailey Makes a Marvel Statement

The X-Men craze is on everyone’s mind, and it’s left celebrities to fend off fan-casting and runaway rumors. This time it’s reached Halle Bailey, who stars in the upcoming live-action adaptation of The Little Mermaid.

Twitter user @BaileyUnspoken took it upon themselves to start trying to spread false casting claims, exclaiming that “Halle Bailey has been cast as Kitty Pryde” and untruthfully claiming Variety to be the source.

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So, while the random tweet from someone on Twitter may mean nothing, it somehow garnered the attention of the actress herself. Bailey decided she needed to snip the misinformation in the bud: “this is not true lmao.”

Sorry, Halle Bailey fans. Maybe the future will hold more exciting news, but it’s not here just yet.

Bailey is fairly unknown to the world, but odds are, when her upcoming Disney+ movie hits, she’ll jump to the top of many cast predictions. With how many X-Men roles will need to be filled there will more than likely be a spot she could fit in perfectly.

No X-Men live-action projects are currently announced, but fans can watch the animated X-Men ‘97 series at some point next year on Disney+.

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