Did You Know, Iron Man Director Disagrees Avengers: Endgame Death

The culmination of the Infinity Saga was a great experience for fans and a sad event because Tony Stark died as a person who sacrificed.

With how well all the elements of the story fit together, one would think that there was never any doubt about how it would all be done. However, it is now revealed that things could have been a lot different, thanks to some of the concerns voiced by Iron Man’s original director, Jon Favreau.

Against Tony Stark’s Death

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Avengers: Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo recalled their time working on Tony Stark’s final moments and how Iron Man’s original director, Jon Favreau, once opposed their decision to kill the iconic character Robert Downey Jr.

Additionally, there are multiple timelines in which fan-favorite character Robert Downey Jr. still kicking in the MCU. We have to wonder what will happen instead; Captain America dying? Hulk? Thor? Someone else has to save the day. Although to be fair, they would most likely find a way for Tony to miraculously survive the power of the six stones.

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Either way, in the end, many will agree that Russo Bros. made the right decision in killing Iron Man, despite Jon Favreau’s doubts. That said, it definitely didn’t hurt any less than he had warned.

But because of the What if Disney Plus series, anything can happen. Maybe one day in season 2, Tony Stark is still alive and can survive Endgame events or familiar situations in a different way.

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