Joker Tracking For $90 Million Opening Weekend

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Joker Debut 90 M Opening Weekend

The DC R-rated film directed by Todd Philips, Joker will be released on 4 October. Of course, many observers estimate revenue from the opening weekend. A 20-year-old audience seems to be a connoisseur of the Joker. Also, they are mostly from superhero and R-rated lovers.

Speaking of the opening speculation, Joker is likely to get a jackpot domestically and overseas. Besides being the most iconic villain of the Batman film, the film played by Joaquin Phoenix has also appeared at the Venice Film Festival and won the Golden Lion. The Joker is even expected to win an Oscar. Then what is the predicted income?

Joker Can Reach $90 Million Opening Weekend

Joker upcoming movie poster opening weekend

According to Deadline, the Joker can at least collect $90 million in the opening week. That will break the previous record held by Venom for October. Venom, which only has a PG-13 rating, raised $80.2 million. Then, it was followed by Halloween R-rated with an opening of $76.2 million. Therefore, many observers are optimistic that the Joker can penetrate $90 million.

Phillips and Phoenix have also said that this film is different from most comic book adaptation. It becomes the main attraction for film lovers to watch the film.

Until now, the highest R-rated comic book debut record is still held by Deadpool with $132.4 million. But, we are optimistic that the Joker can compete. Gamers Rise Up!