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Minecraft Guide For Complete Beginner

Minecraft first came out in 2009. What makes this game endure 10 years later? It’s awesome, that’s what. If you’re late to the party though, don’t worry. This Minecraft guide for beginner has you covered.

Minecraft Game Modes

  • Creative: A sandbox mode for those who only want to create stuff in Minecraft. Players get unlimited resources, and the ability to fly around the world freely, not subjected to the game physics or threats from enemies.
  • Survival: Various enemies will spawn in the dark and attack the player. You get limited resource, must eat food, and death results in dropping your items.
  • Hardcore: This is like the very hard version of Survival. Maps are deleted when the player dies.
  • Adventure: A special mode which places restrictions on tools.
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In this guide, I’ll be talking about Survival mode, the original and most popular.

Basic Controls for Minecraft Beginner


Just like other PC games, WASD keys control movement, with the mouse used to look around. Chopping, digging, mining and attacking is performed by holding the left mouse button.

A small resource cube will drop after a task is complete. You can add the resource to your inventory by standing near or walking over the cube.

Right-clicking performs a special action, depends on what item you use at that time. If you’re holding a bucket, a right-click will attempt to fill it with whatever you’re aiming at. You prepare the ground by right-clicking when using a hoe. If it’s food, you’ll consume it. Bows also fire by holding down the right mouse button then letting go to shoot.

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Crafting Table

Crafting is central to playing Minecraft. It means taking one or more raw ingredients and transforming them into something. Read on to know how to craft in the game.

When you first start the game, your character is able to perform some basic crafting from within the inventory screen, press E to open it. You’ll notice you have a 2×2 block of squares for crafting, so whilst you can make some basic things like turning wood into planks, you can’t actually make tools yet. To make tools, you have to craft a crafting table. You can make a crafting table by filling all four of your crafting spaces with planks.

Building Construction


Here are some crafting recipes you may find useful early in your architectural career:

  • Stairs: Once you’re tired of jumping up large blocks to go upwards, craft some convenient stairs from 6 blocks of stone or wood, placed into 1+2+3 columns. 
  • Door: 6 planks, in 2 columns of 3. Different wood creates different styles of door.
  • Glass: smelt sand in the furnace. Unlike most other blocks, glass will shatter when broken and cannot be “reclaimed”.A glass roof to let the natural light shine through
  • Fences: 6 sticks, in 3 columns of 2. Exchange the middle column of 2 sticks for 2 planks to make a gate.
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Cut down some trees

Gather some wood from trees for crafting.
Minecraft Tree

Turn the trees into planks

Keep at least 6 plain wooden blocks in your inventory for use later. Minecraft Plank

Create a crafting table

Create a crafting table from four planks, arranged in a square.Minecraft Crafting Table

Creat wooden stick

Create a wooden stick by crafting 2 planks, one on top of each other in a vertical stick shape.
Minecraft Sticks

Create wooden tools

Create a set of wooden tools, though you could limit yourself to a pickaxe initially.
Minecraft Wooden Tools

Seek out a mountainside, and start hollowing it out

You can take your crafting table with you by just destroying it and picking it up. If you’re lucky enough to come across coal, that’s a perfect place to start digging. Minecraft Mountain

Seal up your cave and leave a single block to observe the outside world, so you know when it’s light again

If you want to be extra classy, you can build a wooden door from 6 planks, formed in 2 columns of 3. Right-click to place the door, then right-click to open or close it. Don’t be alarmed if zombies start hammering on your door at night, they can’t breakthrough. Minecraft Zombie

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