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Monsters Inc Director Addresses Major Unanswered Question About Boo

Monsters Inc

Pixar films including Monsters Inc are absolutely full of imagination. It could make us cry so hard, or die laughing. For better or worse, fans love to delve into uncovering any potential lore connecting all the films and trying to explain so many things that the film doesn’t explain themselves.

One such thing that seems to always be brought up when discussing Monsters Inc: where were Boo’s parents the entire time the film was happening?

Yes, the question that we all wondering, and maybe some of us still thinking about it until now. Their child is missing, and the parents seem doesn’t know or either care about it?

The studio’s newest movie, Soul, recently came out on Disney+, and the film’s director and Pete Docter were asked about what some fans consider ‘plot holes’, and specifically the one about Boo’s parents in Monsters Inc.

Monsters Inc
Monster Inc

“This is one of these questions that we asked ourselves, and we went through a lot of different machinations of writing scenes. We didn’t actually board any, but we felt like, ‘OK, the audience doesn’t need to know this because Sulley doesn’t know. And we’re with Sulley. So who cares?’

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“Whatever her parents think, we’re just going to ignore that. And it turned out pretty OK.

“I think the short answer is you just have to kind of try to guess where the audience is going to find importance, or at least push their interest there.”

Well, we’re happy to tell you that we finally know the answers for this Monsters Inc edition. Unfortunately, it’s that there are no answers.

Monster Inc Boo

The director said other mysteries, such as why Buzz goes rigid around people, were also discussed when making the movies. He had no elaborate explanations for them either.

“We went through a lot of discussion on Toy Story, the first one, about like, ‘If Buzz doesn’t know he’s a toy, why does he go rigid when a kid walks in the room?’ We had a lot of explanations and talk about that, too. And in the end, nobody cared,” Docter said.

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Though fans may keep wondering and creating complex theories to address these questions, ultimately they don’t affect the movies. 

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