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Get Split Off Netflix Petition Demands Movie’s Removal For Portrayal Of DID

M. Night Shyamalan’s 2016 effort, Split, arrived to much acclaim and some monstrous box office success. In fact, the psychological thriller, which starred James McAvoy as a man struggling with 23 different personalities, was one of the biggest hits of Shyamalan’s lengthy career.

McAvoy was praised for his portrayal of a wide range of personalities in the film and in 2019, Shyamalan returned with a sequel to SplitGlass.

Petition Because Misrepresenting DID Individual

Though Glass finished off Shyamalan’s Unbreakable trilogy, the film still hasn’t received the same degree of attention that Split did. Unfortunately for Shyamalan, however, the most recent surge in attention aimed at Split isn’t exactly for a positive reason.

A tweet from user Darth Grayson has highlighted a growing petition at that demands Split be removed from Netflix.

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The petition’s creator, Kairos Collaborative, insists the film is harmful and insensitive to the realities of those who suffer from DID and that Split’s depiction of DID leads to the incorrect public assumption that people with the disorder are likely to be violent criminals.

Well for me, personally, i’m truly feel bad / very care for those individual who have this mental disorder. However, keep in mind this is a MOVIE to be exact, a DAMN superhero / supervillain flick or in other words, an exaggerated fantasy flick.

I mean i’m neither have a DID nor my close friend / family have it (as far as i know). But c’mon, even we’re not a DID individual, we all can think logically, that the way Shyamalan portrayed Kevin’s DID was in the terms of his tonal film.

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Again, Split is a superhero flick (although it presented as grounded as possible). So yeah, the DID disorder itself must be presented in a very over the top as possible thus, would make Split especially, Kevin Wendell Crumb’s character way interesting and way sympathetic.

I mean if you said you have watched the flick, i think you already knew the reason behind his DID right? Yep, it is because of his past traumatic experience with his abusive mother.

Thus with that really (i mean REALLY) sad / messed up background, shouldn’t we all talk / discussing about that DID’s reasoning rather than talking about the pith perfect accuracy of DID’s portrayal in this flick?

But oh well, that’s just my opinion though. What do you all think about this Split‘s viral removal petition?

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