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Harley Quinn & Deadshot Actually a Couple in Suicide Squad

While most eyes among fans of the DC film universe are focused on what might be a real, actual, impeding announcement for the mythical Snyder Cut of Justice League, over the last several weeks we’ve learned more and more about another DC movie that went through a lot of changes over the course of production, Suicide Squad.

The fact that the movie had seen many changes was public knowledge even when the film was hitting theaters, but specifics were quite vague. However, David Ayer has been using social media to reveal many of those details, and the newest one concerns Harley Quinn’s love life.

Harley Quinn & Deadshot Actually Become a Couple

In a recent tweet, David Ayer confirms one piece of information that had been previously reported, that the character of Diablo originally survived the film, but he also includes something that hadn’t been as widely reported, that prior to the film’s reshoots, Harley Quinn and Deadshot apparently got together.

While Suicide Squad was about an ensemble team of DC villains, the focus of the movie was certainly on two characters, Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn and Will Smith’s Deadshot.

Perhaps part of the reason for that in the first place was the fact that, in the original vision of the story, the two characters started a relationship. Of course, this would have almost certainly caused problems with Harley’s other relationship, with the Joker. Well, DUH!

The end of this relationship idea likely had a significant influence, intentional or not, on other parts of the film, as David Ayer has previously talked about how much of Jared Leto’s performance as Joker we’ve never seen.

If the love triangle aspect of the story was cut, it likely means a lot of changes to Joker’s character arc as well. But, what do you all think about this guys?

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