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WOW! Jesse Eisenberg Didn’t Finish Read Batman V Superman Script

Batman V Superman Jesse Eisenberg Lex Luthor

Four years after its release aka since March 2016, agree or disagree, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice remains arguably the most polarizing superhero movie in recent memory.

Or you could also said that the Zack Snyder’s DC superhero flick is one of the most divisive film that ever released. There are many factors that contributed the argument. But the common and actually, a factual argument. is the weird and quite laughable Lex Luthor’s portrayal by the fast-talking actor, Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network).

In the Batman V Superman, Lex is portrayed as an eccentric CEO who have an unhealthy obsessive with Superman (Henry Cavill). Though his obsession as creepy AF, but still Eisenberg’s performances is mediocre at best.

Didn’t Finish Reading the Script

And after speculate & speculate on the main cause of Eisenberg’s weirdo performances it is finally revealed during the recent interview with Konbini, that believe it or not, the New York born actor, didn’t finish reading the script.

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WHAT IN THE BLUE F’NG HELL? Well, based on his statement, the Batman V Superman script as “intellectually probing” and he had to take his time reading it because “because it was so dense. He then continued,

There were references to things I’d never heard of, I was shocked. Because I’d never seen a superhero movie, because I live in a bubble or whatever, and so I thought it was just going to be people flying around for a hundred pages.”

Well in other words here, can you just say FOR GODSAKE JESSSE! That you indeed didn’t understand with DC’s superhero lore. Case closed. If that’s so, why you not did a DAMN deep thorough research huh? It is your DAMN job as an actor anyway am i right?

So Impressed By What He Read

In spite of this, the actor was so impressed by what he did read, he signed on anyway. Hmm, seems a careless, lazy, desperate moves in my opinion.

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I mean don’t get me wrong guys i love Jesse, hell, we all love Jesse as an actor. But again, this move just… DAMN i don’t know what to say anymore. Now the floor is yours guys. Please give us your thought on this lazy matter okay?