She-Hulk Actress Addresses Sexist Online Backlash

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law has had a rough start to its debut for the public. Its very first trailer garnered some mixed responses, to say the least, as people pointed out what some called subpar CGI for the series. This caused many to become a little hesitant regarding what to expect when the show debuts in a few days.

But one has to ask: how much of that backlash was honest? And how much of it was fueled by a sexist crowd? It’s never any fun to talk about, but sadly those kinds of people do exist, especially in the pop culture arena. To make matters worse, they are often some of the loudest voices heard in public conversation.

When the show starts to air, should fans start bracing themselves for some of that toxic backlash? Well, Tatiana Maslany has shared her thoughts on reception from those types of voices and how she feels about the ever-changing landscape when it comes to being a woman superhero.

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She-Hulk Talks Potential Backlash

During a press conference for She-Hulk, star Tatiana Maslany talked about how she’s excited to see how some audiences will react to what they have in store—particularly any sexist online backlash that they may get.

Maslany is certainly expecting “a real visceral response” and that she is “so excited for people to see that.”

In a separate interview with The Guardian, Maslany mentioned how she is looking forward to the day when a woman superhero is no big deal to the general audience:

Sure, the sexist voices out there are going to try to bring down the series—but there are also countless other genuine fans across the board who will help push that toxicity away.

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